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YL2 - Balls & body proportions



  • odesodes Administrator
    We don't do predictions like that anymore as we don't want to disappoint fans. We'll have a public build out when the character editor is in a good state and when we have a solid foundation for the interaction systems.
  • @odes Since this brings up scaling, how is it with limits in scale for this and inflation? YL1 was ok but for something on a creative-lvl like a  full character creator i'd like to be able to go crazy with this stuff.
  • Female Horse and Fox confirmed? I would like to ask if there would be a shark girl...

  • odesodes Administrator

    Inflation will still have to work with physics and stuff, so we can't go too crazy. Inflation will be similar in size to that of Yiffalicious.

    Bone scaling sliders are currently limited between 0.5 and 1.5.

    Horse is more or less guaranteed to be implemented at some point. Foxes could be made using the canine head and custom fox ears.

    Sharks - can't say it's a priority right now but be sure to bring it up once we have our suggestion and voting system in place for YL2 cloud platform.
  • @odes

    The 0.5 lower limit is probably fine, but the 1.5 upper limit seems a little restrictive. I know the first thing im going to do is try and made some huge dreamkeepers style digitigrade legs. I think 2 would make it possible to do these kind of things without shrinking the rest to excessively to compensate.

    Is there any chance of facial customization? I think a few sliders based on key shapes could go a long way too make characters more unique, (mussel length, eye size, height, and distance apart, ect.)

    Also am I correct in assuming that all the body types have a vagina base and bits are added? 

    Anyway love your creative solutions so far, keep up the good work!
  • ^ i second this

    Hope you peeps don't stress yourselves out now that we are getting close to the holidays o/
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