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How about some primitives?

For those of us who want to create these crazy contraptions or environmental elements, it would be nice if we could have stuff like cubes, spheres, cylinders, toruses and the like. If we're able to scale, parent/child and select materials for these primitives, that'd provide a lot more creative freedom than the yiffalicious 1 level and object set allowed. Bonus points if we're able to group them somehow and duplicate so that if someone makes, for example, a pillar out of cylinders, toruses and cubes, they can simply duplicate it around the level. For the materials, ideally there would be a base set of textures for woods, metals, stones, and maybe synthetic materials. Then allow the user to modify the hues. That way instead of having to have 4 or 5 different materials in different shades, one or two metal materials for instance could then become steel, silver, gold, platinum, and so on. If you guys are willing to take things even further, maybe allow users to mess with lighting on the maps if at all possible? Heck, while I'm asking for the moon here, might we even be provided with a blank map with as much control given to us as possible so that I might finally be able to spend 3 months creating that perfect night time garden or golden hour temple or dimly lit dungeon to make characters boink each other in? If that's too much though, I might be satisfied with a large warehouse to place lamps and primitives in.


  • Hell, why not go the full distance and just make modular structures and furniture for us to play with? Can't be too difficult to make the various props you've got in the scenes that the player can't interact with into ones the player can interact with, and chop up structures like the Ocean House into individual rooms that can be freely arranged just like another prop, right? Just a bit of extra work in making exterior elements to put around the arranged rooms and connective hallways/stairs and you're golden and, of course, you can always add to the list as development progresses. It's also an obvious and easy hook for modders to offer their contributions, which methinks would be prudent to embrace given the already heavily user-generated content -reliant basic idea of the game. Take a look at Wolfire's old dev blogs for inspiration on how this sort of system might be done.

    I very much agree on the custom lighting and colours. The greatest weakness of Yiff1, in my humble opinion, is the lack of control of the mood of the scenes (outside of the various locations in said scenes with their own feel and even sound to them; a very nice touch, I'll grant, but something akin to a band-aid on a gaping wound in practice) and obviously, lighting is of paramount importance when it comes to setting the mood. For example, the complete lack of nighttime scenes always rather baffled me, given the game's subject matter, and I had many ideas that kinda fall flat without the ambiance of moonlight to give them that little bit of extra push.
  • A full on modular building system in the model of that Wolfire dev blog link would be great, especially if it still allowed for materials selection on the building elements so that I can get the colors of the scene to feel right. Extra bonus points if those building elements can be scaled along individual axes too so that people can still get extra creative with it.

    Betraying part of my reasons for wanting primitives though, I personally would be using toruses, spheres, and cylinders to make piercings and complex bondage devices for the characters. Short of allowing me to mod in my own custom meshes, I can't think of a simpler way than to allow us to have some scalable and parentable basic primitives in the editor.

    And speaking of modding, I'd love to be able to load up blender and just let my imagination be limited only by my ability to mesh, but I think that custom meshes would make the filesizes for scenes become too large for their cloud system? That problem might be solveable with a custom file format for 3d objects that only cares about vertex positions and UV maps maybe, but I'm no expert on that kind of stuff.
  • I personally would be using toruses, spheres, and cylinders to make piercings

    That, at least, appears to be something that will be possible, judging by this update. I'm guessing they'll also be looking into modular bondage devices, given they had some basic ones in Yiff1 and there's little reason for those assets to go to waste.

    Getting around filesize issues could be tricky, though, I hadn't considered that fact. Maybe introduce a limit for scenes uploaded to the cloud, with a forum thread for sharing more complex scenes as copies of local files?

  • Oh wow, you've got a good memory for the details of the updates. I had completely forgotten that everything in that link was even a thing. Especially the file loader from .obj files.

    I also completely forgot that the .obj file format exists so when I suggested that they'd need a custom file format, no, that's not the case since that's pretty much exactly what the .obj file format is. This means that since they're already going to allow us to use custom meshes on characters, it's no stretch to allow the exact same thing for scenery objects. The filesize problem can also be mitigated by just limiting the .obj and assorted texture files to certain megabyte limits.

    So in light of all that realization, we don't actually need primtives after all! If we can load in custom .obj meshes that we've already textured, then animate those through location and rotation keyframes, the creativity possible in scenes will be amazing.

    And also all the lighting stuff. Still totally want that.
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