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2020 - Current Skins - *Fool Proof* YL1

edited January 16 in Custom skins
So found the app from videos online, and have gone around getting some skins I liked installed, with a few tweaks to some, and have ultimately made a "custom" folder using all my skins and additions, to make things easy for anyone just wanting to pick up a completed collection on YL1. Most are found here in the forums, with the exception of a few skins I have taken and done things like added cut-outs, different color schemes, and lingerie, so all the major work on these skins were done by other users on this forum and you can find many other skins here in the forums.

Now for the file I post, it will contain the entire "custom" folder that you will find within your yiffalicious install (*:/Users/*/AppData/Roaming/yiffalicious.) Make sure to look for Hidden files via View. All you will need to do is take the folder and replace the current folder in the install with the one I uploaded, and you should be good to go! :3

Following are the links to credit the skins I used in this pack, by all means check them out there in case something else you might want is there! :p

Pinkie Pie Skin/Rarity Skin by Sztejku:
Rouge the Bat Skin by MegaGarchompXY: **Altered**

Elaine also has an altered original skin that I created that has a transparent thong on with a cut-out and lingerie leggings. <3


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    Additional files to grab: A collection of current .yiff files containing "starting points" for scenes I plan on working with, the "interactions" folder, which you will find also in the yiffalicious install as above. I don't believe you need skins I use, but they are the ones above.

    Interactions Folder + Positions chart

  • I added some new .Yiff starters, reorganized and renamed some for better view in-app, and I have this folder setup so it is simple copy/paste into your interactions folder. Enjoy.

    Interactions folder:
  • Recently updated skins to now have a few alters; some have new cut-outs, new lingerie, some have new make up. Most skins have been done to replace/fill in "empty" slots in skins, some are simply changes I wished to make. Enjoy!

    *Side Note: Positions chart had been removed, as atm Interactions has been vastly updated since release and now has by default many positions on the chart that are now .yiff files, so you can use those to get inspiration from now, but I can reupload if needed.
  • Updated to some skins, I think probably only Maya but I forget what has been altered so I just uploaded a new customs folder. Maya had recolored areola so to make them stick out more when using the Vamp Queen or "white" skin.
  • Dude it is super cool that you put that skin on your list but you made tiny little mistake... There is only Pinkie Pie skin, plus it was not made by me, it was made by Pegashis, I only made a request for it
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