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It's fun messing around with YL2.

There's quite a lot that can be done with YL2 + a little knowledge of blender. Here's a couple of images I've been able to make that I hope you enjoy ;).


  • Nice going on getting a second "Character" in with another.
  • how do you make him have sex?
  • I imported a few .obj files and added them as parts. 1 is a horse dildo, 1 is a character I made in YL2 that I exported and then imported again and the last object is the right arm of Fraenir from YL1 which I mercilessly hacked off using blender. Oh and I also made a custom anus in blender which I imported.

    Then I just moved the parts around to make a sex scene.
  • How do I get access to these characters? I only have what came with regular Yiffalicious. Is it possible to DL other characters from somewhere along with interactions they're involved with? Or do I need to be a patron for that?
  • You can download my characters from my character thread.

    As for other characters look on the forum and you'll find a bunch.
  • Can you make a video tutorial please?
  • "You can download my characters from my character thread." Thanks!  Do I need YL2 for that?  If so, how do I get YL2?
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