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Newbie questions

Hey everyone; I'm somewhat new to Yiffalicious. I had a few questions that I couldn't quite answer by looking at the wiki or the forums.  Just so you know, my current experience with YL is simply browsing the cloud for animations. I do this while streaming to my oculus quest; and despite being a passive experience, it makes you feel like you're really there.
Thing is, it's already a little stale with the same characters over and over; can I download other peoples' characters and the animations that go with them? I've seen threads that chare new characters, but is that only possible with YL2?

Speaking of YL2, what exactly is it and is it worth it for me so far? As far as I can tell, it seems to be a brand new Yiffalicious exclusive to Patrons. If so, is it something I can play with in the same way that I play with YL1? With my headset and all? Or is it the kind of barebones WIP project that's only of interest to either coders or animators? I don't have experience with either and only really expect to use YL for enjoying animations made by other people. That being the case, is YL2 worth it for me to pledge on Patreon?  

Final question which will likely be answered if I ever get around to making my own animations: I noticed a lack of complexity to the animations.  They are always in one pose looping through humping and cumming.  Is it possible to animate the characters to maybe start with some foreplay standing up, and then move into actual sex?  Or maybe move from missionary to doggy style?  Or maybe the process of making animations in YL is intended to be simpler so that anyone can use it, thus limiting the complexity of any one animation?  It's good to me either way; I was just wondering.  Thank you guys!


  • odesodes Administrator
    Hi there koinuchan!


    Yiffalicious is limited to the pre-created characters it ships with. You are able use custom skins that people have authored for these characters, but it's not a very good system and rather cumbersome to work with. Only YL2 has "real" custom characters and skins, and it will be vastly much easier to use the different characters and skins people author.

    YL2 is the successor to Yiffalicious. Currently, it's rather barebones and only comes with a character creator (or perhaps a character assembly and texturing tool would be a more accurate description). VR will eventually be implemented in YL2, but right now we're still focused on finishing the character creation systems. Unless you're a 3D artist or an enthusiast, I'd say stay away until we have the interaction systems implemented.

    Yiffalicious is limited to 1 pose with different paramters affecting it. This is something that will be addressed in YL2, with being able to set up multiple positions in the interaction. Yiffalicious was indeed intended to be as simple as possible, and while YL2 will offer far more features and opportunities for the user, we will try to make it as simple as possible so almost anyone with some authoring experience could pick it up and start realizing their fantasies.

    Hope that answers your questions!
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    Is it possible to animate the characters to maybe start with some foreplay standing up, and then move into actual sex?  Or maybe move from missionary to doggy style?

    Making a sequence of scenes is kind of possible, but not exactly intuitively, especially for the end viewer of said scenes. Pretty much the only way would be to make a new scene with the same characters and give the scenes sequential names so people know what order to view them in, assuming they can find them in a convenient list rather than scattered around the cloud. Another option is using external software and making a pre-recorded video, such as what this guy did, but that obviously requires considerably more effort, especially if you don't know how to operate the external software yet.

  • I don't know how to direct my reply to specific comments or make quotes, but...

    Odes;Thanks for the info, that was very helpful!  I can enjoy YL1 quite a bit until YL2 is more developed.

    Brownmane: Thanks! I just saw that video and I have one word:  T H I C C

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