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Styl1sh's characters



  • @Craket Making hair is rather problematic. I model it directly on an export of a character, in 1:1 scale. Cool thing about it is that when I import the result in YL2, it's exactly where it should be. But only for that particular character. Just like bunny hair, the control point is at the origin point - the character's feet. Trying to precisely shift and scale that hair to match a character with different body size, while zoomed out, is difficult.

    There's a rather straightforward fix for that - since objects exported in .obj remember vertexes in relation to the global origin point, and not the object's, I can just snap the entire model to the center of the space before exporting (but then it requires some initial positioning every time I import and I'm just too lazy to do it properly).
    I'll try to make some modules over the weekend.
  • I had that same problem as well, but YL2c has an answer for PARTS, with CTRL+click and whatnot snapping it to a position on the body. Not that difficult of an adjustment afterwards.

    Also dont force yourself anything! I am not asking you to do it, was just sharing ideas.
  • It does offset the part in Y-axis, but that's not that much of a problem in the end.

    I'm not forcing myself, I'm just utilising the power of self-loathing.

    BTW, I can make some more characters skins. Any requests?
  • Something with Tribal tattoos?
    Thats something I have to hop in on.
  • @Craket I assumed a single tribal tatoo would not be enough, so I've picked Kisha

  • Nice. Stuff like that really makes them unique.
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