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How to Make Hair?

How to I make hair on YL2?


  • edited June 2020
    You can import a model, but I advise against that. The functions of a model hair is questionable. You cant tilt a characters head looking up or down or to the sides without the model hair beginning  to immediately stab through the model IF it is a long hair model. Short hair models tend to be alright!

    I suggest you use the Appandage feature.
    Appandage Fluff to be exact.

    I love it a lot, I have a download link for materials for lots of fluff as well, they are easy to make and experiment with.

    (Expires at 24th)

    Import (Upper left) Texture, and then choose one of those PNG images in the fluff alpha files. (You can ctrl+click multiple to import several at once).

    When you are working with appandages, there are options to the right that asks for a file (Fluff alpha or something). Click it, and youl see your imported textures.

    Start adding fluff stuff on the head. It takes practice to make look good, but After a while it gets easier than you think.
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