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Beloved OC brought into YL2 *On-going WIP*

Howdy All! Thought I might drop in some screens of a major OC of mine that I've been working on for a week now. All of the big major stuff has been sorted through, but she still needs more stuff like original hair, piercings, her real ears, and a bunch of texture clean-up.

The hair came from a model of her I commissioned from Jeyeff on FA, but it might be a temporary thing. Maybe. Hoping to get a more unique hair to the YL2 version of Shiza.


  • I love the look, the cartoony style helps a lot.
  • Thanks! I might post some more soon. I'm hoping to make her barbell piercings. Her ears would have to wait.
  • Keep clicking publish to see if you are within limitations. Disabling parts feels like it has no real value if the character that will be used is the one uploaded at the state it was published.
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    I'm not within the limitations with her as she's around 13mb. I'm thinking the hair is the big hog, but I have yet to test it out at the moment. Also, the ears will have to be incomplete for the time being.

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    It can depend on the size of each thing you add in. I suggest you figure out how to optimize your parts. Other areas such as textures can also add up to a ridiculous number, especially if its a 1024 sized texture. But yeah, i suggest you just look into what part or texture that you are using that bloats the mb count. I think its worth it to optimize for the sake of future uses. and the future in general when furryvne is more complete.
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    It was the hair. It was 4048 sized for some reason... With adjustments to the other textures too, she's now around 3mb.

    Edit: She's now been uploaded. She needs more texture cleanup, finished ears, detailing, and piercings. All in time of course! :3
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    Here is some recommendations after playing around with her.

    First Layer (Primary Body) looks better with 0.17 or 0.23 smoothness (gotta turn up the opacity for its smoothness first).

    Teeth, mouth and vagina layers can be put to 0.60 if you want to differentiate them a bit.

    Part>Hair's first Fill layer's smoothness then can be reduced to 0.1 or 0.2

    With this, you will have differentiated the body from the hair, hair will look softer.

    Part>horn's first fill layer's smoothness can go up to 0.6

    All Ear and Tail parts smoothnesses should match the body smoothness for consistency.

    Part>Hair second fill layer can have a different colour, the pony tail binding has an identical value to the Red of the hair, making them blend togheter. Simply make the brown colour tamer or something to differentiate them more. Heck, maybe even give it smoothness 0.4 or 0.5 since its a more solid looking thing.

    I personally think every character looks better with SSS turned on. Something about the smoothness of SSS just makes them fit in with the environment better Imo.

    Turn on SSS on materialhandler>Materials for each body part, and Part.

    I also like placing AO to everything, but I think she is fine without it. AO turned to 1 on everything will make her stay cartoony even in dark areas, but I think you will want the darkness changing her up. It is up to you. Check it out by turning off Camera Light (Hotkey: L) in a dark stage (Or any stage) to see natural light affect her.

    Maybe turn up the Iris Glow on the eyes to have those eyes shine in the dark as if she can see in the dark.


    One concern is the hair, I absolutely love it but it will stab through the chest very easily and will look awkward during movement. I do not know much of any future features regarding physics to parts. I only hope that there will be so that these model hairs can actually move around and feel natural instead of being so stiff. With that, it may be wise to seperate all the different parts at some point.

    The pony tail, pony tail binding, those side fluffs, and the 4 different sexy bangs going in front. With those parts seperated, not only can you make more hairstyles, I also think you can adjust them easier as well as maybe make it easier for any future features regarding physics to parts (If these costum parts will get physics).
  • The smoothness looks like a nice addition. SSS doesn't work well with Shiza's breasts as a very faint line forms around them, which bothers me. DX Until I figure it out, she'll stay PBR.

    As for the hair, I'm gonna wait and see what the devs can do for hair. Most likely, I will probably change her hair to something different. Lore-wise, Shiza tends to pull her hair up into a high ponytail for the fact she actually has rather thick and long hair.

    I'm thinking about having Shiza have a style where it is down, once more work on hair is done. Long, thick, and messy is her style.

    My current dilemma is trying to find or create a simple small sphere that I can use for her piercings. I was able to make one in blender, but it just kept crashing the game once it loaded it in, which makes me think I did something wrong, hence just trying to find a simple free sphere on the net.
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    Tell me if if its not expired, you have a sphere model and some others that shouldn't take much space. (Except for the Measurements, delete those after use)

    You can also "extract" a sphere model from another character.


    I noticed the changes you made, the thumbnail is a bit of a miss imo. But the actual changes do show. She feels a lot more full and Present.

    You said you saw a line form around the breasts with SSS. I dont see them, Could be due to graphical quality difference? I tried in Ultra and Low, and in Low the line is visible for both pbr and sss. Ultra does not show anything. Although you should trust yourself and your own visuals. Maybe its the new Normal Occlusion layer you added, but that is a great addition, you are on good track!

    In general, she looks a lot more complete for now, until we get more features later.
  • if you add the toebean or any part really to a blank model, export it from y2f to blender then delete everything you dont use and then take the toe bean and remake it and shape it into the sphere or any design you want like a spike or a barb and then import it back to y2f, alot of time the vertice count or the triangles are to high for y2f to process so if you have to take some of the parts and decimate it by .50 and check your uv map to make sure it hasn't messed up your textures on the part
  • Thanks Craket! That supply drop was really handy!

    I play on Ultra and the line showed up on SSS. It's very faint, but it's enough to drive any sort of OCD in my head nuts. Plus, with my eyesight, I don't really see much of a difference between PBR and SSS at the moment.

    And yes, more features are needed! I can think of a couple...

    I'm not a 3D modeller by any stretch of the imagination. Most of the time, I used Blender for texture work, mostly in SecondLife. Blender recently was updated and all of the UI buttons changed from what I was used to, which has made me do a trial and error sort of workflow for the time being. So, texture work isn't too bad, but I never could wrap my head around 3D modelling.
  • You're welcome. Also the new thumbnail is the bomb! You nailed it this time.
    Shes pretty much perfect for now. Good job at making updates to her.
  • I hope we get a way to update the cloud's images for our characters, because I decided to take some more pictures.

    I think you're right Craket... Very little stuff left for me to with her until the next update. She does need her proper ears, but I'm gonna wait on that.

    Also, I haven't mentioned it, but the hair has cracks in it to where you can see right through it. I have an idea on how to replace the hair without extensive 3D modeling, but there's nothing more I can do at the moment.

    I have had an idea to give her some scale detail, but I gotta make it to where the fleshy bits (Nipples, Vagina, Anus) don't have the scale details applied to them. I'm thinking my extensive amount of masks may be a blessing for this.
  • That is why I like to make most edits within FurryVNE as much as possible. The tools will transfer and work together with new features. Letting you fix stuff and reverse-engineer it. But that also does mean a lot of work for me when I will have to make updates... :|

    Regarding the hair, I dont think you should worry that much (maybe not yet?), stuff like that could be easily forgiven during movement. Although, we do not know how custom parts will be allowed to move and if those cracks will open up more during movement. I say rest easy for now.
  • Some pics I really liked this latest photoshoot...

    The occasion was because I put on a normal that had scale texture. This time, PBR was too strong and you could really see the texture seam lines. After some investigation, a lot of different characters in the cloud also had the same issue, so that made me feel a little better. SSS turned out to be better this time around, so Shiza got switched over. The scales are pretty subtle most of the time, but you can see them when the light hits at just the right angle, which makes it look pretty.
  • Some more extra shots... Starting to run out of ideas on poses.

    I think that's enough for the pictures for the time being. Gotta save some for more updates!
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