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WIP Amazonian Mare

edited October 2020 in Characters
I got a WAYS to go, but here's the WIP so far...  FINALLY knowing the secrets (at least one) on doing textures, the world feels like my oyster.  I'm fixing up the obvious trouble spots, making her patterns a bit more 4k, hopefully.  She'll be a Clydesdale, so most of the issues on her hands and feet will be covered by fur.  Well, what do you think so far?


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    I don't know how to add image urls;  I am a noob; sad times!
  • Damn she looks good!
  • I just fixed her Textures, matching the neck was a chore, so was cleaning up the textures to make them crisp and bright!  No more pixelation.  As you can see, the neck is completely fixed!  I shall post more update pictures as time goes on.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Looking really nice!
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    So, I DID find a way to do a custom fur normal map that conforms to the WHOLE body contours, and possibly go in the appropriate directions.  HOWEVER, in order to do that.  I need to take the obj. in blender, and sew up the ENTIRE SEEMS ON THIS BODY!!!!  It's gonna be a while...
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    LOL, JK!  I found a way to make a custom normal map without doing that sewing up vertices crap!  I painted b/w texture of fur moved it around her face for starters, exported the textures into photoshop.   Had to download and instal an nvidia texture tool for my CS5 thing, and I think it turned out okay.  Still got a ways to go on the texture of the head.  It's just a test. Now I'm going to finish the head and am about to go for the body hands and feet.  I've never worked, nor made normal maps from scratch, so let me know what you think.  Oh, I also DID modify the eyebrows.  Now that I knew about decals that just opened up more possibilities!

    P.S.:  I noticed that I may have gotten carried away in the forums.  Sorry, got excited and was trying to help!  I got the answers I'm content with, so I'll just focus on this post on updating this model.
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    I know I should've posted some progress, but I LITERALLY got back after both my desktop AND laptop crashed for a few weeks due to hardware failure.  But, I'm back (thankfully nothing lost) and soon I should have some sweet and massive updates!  Also, @Dogson ; I have a question about your old Yiffalicious gamemodels.  May I use the assets of that previous game and utilize them on your current game, here?
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    @iDog Go ahead and use what you see fit, really looking forward to the end result :)
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    Geeze Louise!  Cutting out parts and editing them in Blender on that model was more of a nightmare than anticipated!  For those about to do so, if you cut a model in half, duplicate it, and mirror it, make SURE in the material properties tab that your custom model has only ONE material.  If not, it'll duplicate it and create ALL kinds of a mess on you.  Anyways, perhaps one day we'll have more anatomically correct vaginas to go along with the anatomically correct penises (it just looks aesthetically appealing to me to have both human and anthro parts on both genders), but until then or if not, I went ahead and did it myself.  To kinda make normal patterns match on both the body and the custom part, is a NIGHTMARE!!  Still not too sure it'll work, but some tests tonight should give me a "yes"... I hope!  I also gave the areola's some texture in the curve editor, since I couldn't give a normal map on them, and I think it came out quite nice!  But, the true marvel is the fur texture!  Oh this thing saved me a COMPLETE headache of making a normal on her entire body with hair!  I gave her a custom fur texture to replicate the horse look, and gave it that sleek sheen a well-groomed horse has.  I still am almost there with her custom normal map.  Next comes a full head/tail of hair, then clothes/accessories.  I'm pushing this program to the limit to see what I can accomplish.  Now knowing what to do, the next models I make after her should come out MUCH easier!  Gotta love the fur shading!  Gotta love this custom model maker!
  • odesodes Administrator
    Really cool stuff @iDog, looking forward to seeing her in the cloud. :)
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    Sorry for the delay!  I've been busy with other projects outside of here!  With this model, it's been trial and error to get that right balance, a lot is understanding this programs limitations and strengths.  Also, I accidentally got carried away and have several models I'm currently working on.  HOWEVER, once she's done, the assets are done, then I can plop them all on other models.  It's really a self-conscious issue, with this being the first.  Will have status update REAL soon.
  • I just discovered your hair shader, this just became a game-changer...
  • edited January 15
    OMG!  My issue with hair might be over!  This might've just solved EVERYTHING!  This is a MAJOR game-changer!  I can't believe this has been here the whole tie and never discovered it until now!
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