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  • edited December 2021
    Alright thanks!  :)

    Say other question already thinking about making the fur sheath expandable, I would like to make it a little bigger and longer here and there ?!
    something like that?
    if that's not already planned

    With simulations like this one likes to get lost in details, sorry ;)

  • edited January 2022
    I am now almost notorious for my facial expressions ;) , so the question how can I manage to open and close the eyelid by myself with most of the self-created offset characters does the two usually no longer fit together?

    Have a problem since the last update, the app keeps freezing as soon as clothes are active; and I want to change something, whether it's loading a new offset!?

    Ah, I see, others have the same problem...

  •  Could this be related to the different Blender versions, my "Simply Cloth" only works with 2.9x, otherwise I work with Blender 3.x?
  • odesodes Administrator
    Can you share the character file + extra files (if needed) and steps to reproduce the issue you're experiencing?
  • edited February 2022
    Do you mean the Blender and the FVNE files?

    I also noticed that the offset files in FVNE are no longer automatically updated when something is edited in Blender and saved again, at least if the character is a bit more extensive, the changed offset file must be re-imported each time.

  • odesodes Administrator
    That shouldn't be the case. It should update. If it doesn't then something might be wrong.

    I mean upload the character file and whatever other files you're working with and give me instructions how to reproduce the errors you're experiencing.
  • edited February 2022

    As written, the exported offset file must be imported again manually, it is usually the case that it updates itself in the app, resets it, and has to be activated again.
    And of course the entire clothing has to be deactivated beforehand, otherwise the program freezes, but it seems to be known anyway.
    Have Blender 2.9.8 in use for clothes or sometimes 3.0.1 for the offsets
    So far I haven't noticed anything about the other characters, these aren't that advanced or similarly extensive.

    I don't know about the clothes at the moment, I haven't worked with them much.

    Then I noticed something else, of course it could also be me, I added a few subtleties to the hairstyle and saved it as clothing, all surfaces are aligned and connected in the same way; Unbound is still true - bound does that come out of it?
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