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mods option

I don't know if anyone else thinks this but it would be good to make a choice of mods so that other 3D designers can make accessories, objects, clothes, so they can use others, from my point of view it would be like a workshop like in steam.


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    For garments, this wouldn't work .You have to make the garments for the specific character's body shape. Changing any body values or bone values beyond what was used as a reference to create the clothes, would make the garments disconnect, or start phasing through the body.

    Basically, if there were a workshop-like place for garments, then there would have to be instructions on what body values specifically needs to be set at certain values in a description below it (ex: set body size to: 0.9, breast size: 0.3, upper thigh bone X value: 1.1, waist bone Z value: 0.95, yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah). Try changing the bone values on Viola, and you'll see.

    For parts though, that would be a good idea. Since parts aren't made specifically to conform to the body, things like: ears, horns, fangs, nails, tails, earrings (would probably just be a donut shape that you could use for anything), and a bunch of other cool miscellaneous stuff.

    FVNE Team would probably have to host their own site or some junk though, and considering they're splitting about $8,000 a month between what I believe is at least 3 people (before taxes?), they'd probably have to come out of pocket to maintain stuff like that. And hosting a site with a purpose like that can get expensive, from what I've heard.
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    You can already kinda do this. There is even a Suggestion called "Obj and Texture repository" which is what you are asking for.

    What you can already do is go to a character, and in LocalAssets, locate whatever you want to steal, click any and you will always have an "Extract" button. So if you see a character you like using custom assets, it will always be located in LocalAssets that you can extract from. Both used and Unused I believe.
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