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VR Features

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I hope this thread can serve as a hub for people to suggest ideas that would improve the VR Experience.

Obviously, people want official Vive support, and an even better step would be implementation of the motion controllers/roomscale for menu navigation/posing.

Here's a few things that came to mind on my first go in VR with Yiffalicious.
  • POV Adjuster: head positioning should have an adjustment for character orientation. There was one scene I tried that had the stallion slightly bent over, causing my view to be slightly aimed down, giving me a strange orientation when my IRL body is upright. Simply having an option to orient the POV camera directly forward would be nice for people who don't want to bend over ( ;) ) to match a scene's orientation. Sliders or presets (upright, laid back, laid-down) would be a good solution for several different types of POV scenes. I realize this problem can be fixed manually by looking in a compensative direction and resetting (f8) for the awkward angle, but it's just another simple thing that would benefit from a checkbox "Orient Upright"
  • Leap Motion support. I have one and I'd like to use it in this game if the developers have the resources! Mainly breast/ass/belly fondling, masturbation, and tail pulling
  • Muzzle mode: strap a muzzle to the viewport! I know some things in VR that are close to your eyes can cause some focusing issues, but if it's at all probable, I'd love to try it. Hair optional.
  • Controller media controls: Motion controls aren't even added yet (or even verified to be a future feature), but having the touchpad work as a fast-forward (spin thumb around) and pause/play (click pad) options would be great. Also have the other buttons mapped for other functions (like trigger: cum, grips: cycle views, menu: next snapshot)
  • Kissing... Because I'm lonely... And licking too...
That's all for now, probably more from me later.

Leave your own VR suggestions as well!


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    I came up with some more suggestions after playing around. Currently it's very difficult to do much of anything but Load a pose>select a POV>hit play>put on HMD>decide you're done with that pose and take off your HMD>repeat

    If you're going to incorporate controllers much later, then let me just say that there needs to be key binds for
    • POV swapping: so I don't have to take my HMD off every time I want a new character's perspective
    • Playing/stopping scenes: spacebar would work nicely
    • Cycling snapshots: to jump through scenes, 
    • Simple menu for poses: A switch that changes the 3x3 menu into a 1x2 (horizontal) one that's easier to see in VR. Also have a bind to move forward or backward through the pose menu (left and right buttons probably) (enter to select)
    I use a steam controller to navigate the camera, so having these binds and being able to map them to it would help me do much more before having to take my headset off to set up a scene.

    A few other things
    • VR Ready Poses Section: Poses that have been made/tagged with VR in mind. A lot of poses aren't the best for VR, especially when faces are placed too close to each other/clipping occurs. Having a section where users have built a pose with VR in mind would make finding the best experiences much easier.
    • VR enabled poses: allow character's upper-body movements to be tied to the HMD. When/if controllers come down the line, have hands as well!
    • Panting. This is less of a VR request and more of a general request. When you get closer, you should be able to hear them making animal sounds.
    Still impressed, these are all just quality of experience improvements, and I don't want to take development away from more pressing matters. I'm throwing it out there and hoping something sticks :)
  • odesodes Administrator
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    Thanks for all the suggestions and your kind words.

    Currently the interface is not adapted at all for VR, it's something we're looking to fix at some point.

    I really like the VR ready poses section idea.

    Thanks again.
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    Leap motion compatibility, yes!!!!
    You can buy one for 15$ in aliexpress.

    Another important thing for Vr is the "look at the camera" so you can move and he/she is following your real head movement.

    Also yes!!! To attatch the upper part of the body to hmd movement would be amazing!
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    Bringing this back to life because of the new public cycle!

    So I've gotten around to playing the new cycle in VR and have to say that everyone on the yiffalicious team has done a fantastic job. Really, you're all doing phenomenal work.
    While using a steam controller, I was able to do so much more without having to use my keyboard even once to browse interactions, and for that I can't thank you enough.

    With that said, here's some things I've thought of that could further improve the experience. Take it or leave it, I just wanted to speak my mind.

    Expressions should have an icon of what blendshape they create.

    Problem: Going through each slider to pick facial expressions is unintuitive
    Solution: Have screenshots/icons (see pic below) that indicate what expression each slider affects
    Create a facial rig from scratch for each model (yeah right)
    Notes: Having a 2D aspect of the game gives it charm, so I think having custom icons would be the more aesthetic route, and possibly even the easiest due to re-use for future/custom characters. And I don't expect a complete rework of an established feature, but a facial rig sure would be great, wouldn't it?

    Character's heads don't track VR head movement.

    Problem: I move my VR head and the characters don't follow my head
    Solution: Have a separate node (attached to the VR head) that you can select for characters to look at
    Notes: I'd bet you already know about this, but I don't know to what extent this can actually be fixed by or if it even can be.

    Characters should have a "moving jaw" option

    Problem: Characters' facial expressions are rather stiff other than blinking
    Solution: Give sliders a "range" of 2 points instead of just 1 that you slide from min to max AND include a new slider that affects the speed at which they transition.
    Add a slider/checkbox that JUST moves the jaw up and down.
    Notes: I know breathing is "to do", and this idea is really just an extension of that to improve immersion.

    And I'm curious because "Adapt interface and controls for VR" seems to be listed under "Recently done" without anything under "Things we want to investigate" or "To do" about this, but...
    Will VR controllers be implemented? If Yes, How much will you be able to do in VR with controllers? (making interactions? self-inserting into characters with hand and torso tracking?)

    Allow for Vive/rift controllers to be tracked while a user wears them on a belt/in their pockets

    Problem: My hips are moving on their own!
    Solution: Have a calibration tool that detects where your controllers are and then allows you to control the rate of thrusting by moving your hips back and forth.
    Note: I realize what this is asking and expect that it probably won't be done.

    Also, please add a kissy-face blendshape to all the characters!
  • jei3jei3 Moderator
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    usicco said: Character's heads don't track VR head movement.

    this is in 0.6.4? are you in POV? they should track your head movement in POV, it does for me.
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    jei3 said: this is in 0.6.4? are you in POV?
    I downloaded the most recent public build, and the page says "Release notes 0.6.4 (2016-12-25) (Public build)". I don't know if there's another way to check the .exe or in-game

    In POV, I actually have to bend down and reset my position due to my height. When I stand up straight, they don't follow my head upwards, and I guess they keep staring at the "invisible head" instead of mine.

    In freecam modes, they only seem to follow the camera and not the head.

    Edit: I'll see if I can make a video later today showing what's going on.
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    usicco said: I'll see if I can make a video
    Here's a video. Basically, they look at the camera position, but not my head position. Their behavior seems to be focused on looking at the point at which the camera is fixed at (that being either the character's head, or the free-cam mode.)
  • jei3jei3 Moderator
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    ooooh, ok. that's something completely different. i can't step out of the character model and walk around w/ my headset.
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    jei3 said: that's something completely different
    Are there plans to have the characters follow head movement? Right now their behaviour is to stare at the character's head origin, which is fine, but a little follow-through movement would add to the effect for sure.

    Edit: Also, I just saw your post on
    It appears my point about having a moving jaw is null and that there is already a feature built in for it. I hope none of my other points were oversights.
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    I have this problem too in VR (Oculus Rift CV1). They don't look at me when I move around, only slightly in my direction after I've moved far enough. Ruins immersion, but I didn't wanna ask for too much, so only asked about the 2 other more major things that was gamebreaking for me, which was the green cursor dot and not being able to turn characters completely invisible. These 2 options will be added in the next release, the admin/dev said :)

    So, I only have 3 problems that's kinda a bummer, and it's those 2 + the one you mentioned.
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