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Poor Man's VR support?

Obviously something that would take an effort, but would it be possible to have a VR mode that has a split screen stereoscopic view for people who can only afford google cardboard/ Samsung gear VR (streaming from pc to phone)? Kinda like Crysis 3's 3d option in the settings menu. ik there's higher priority things, but i feel like that would be cool for people who can't exactly afford a full vr headset like me :3


  • jei3jei3 Moderator
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    I was able to get this to work on Google Cardboard using RiftCat and adding Yiffalicious as a Steam game so it used SteamVR. You'll definitely want to do it over USB, but even then the frame rate isn't all that great.
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    SBS 3D would be cool also for those playing in a 3D TV. Maybe this is already implemented in the engine as SBS is one of the standards of 3D on TVs...
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    I tried out riftcat+steamVR+google cardboard and it works really well except for the camera controls which can be a bit of a struggle. Tracking is functional though, so once you have your view/pov in the right position it works great and the framerate is actually very good as long as you keep your character interactions down to 2-3 characters (I'm using a samsung s5 over USB with a gtx 980 for reference). I think if the centering mechanic and camera controls were re-worked it could be a great entry-level alternative for those of us who haven't fully invested in VR yet.
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    I've tried to get yiffalicious (0.5.x) to run on my samsung gear vr. Sadly, no luck so far. I added it to my steam vr library, then started steam vr from riftcat. The game launches just fine but i can't get it to output the game render on my gearvr. I'm stuck in the steamvr 'greyroom'

    Any help much appriciated :3
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    Update: It worked just fine with the latest WIP version :3
  • odesodes Administrator
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    Happy to hear that Skaz! :)
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    I think They will be supporting all vr devices,when comes tophones it  just  might take a bitl longer
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