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Not being able to hide characters completely is gamebreaking to me, same with the green dot.

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Can we please have the option to completely hide characters and not just a white outline-ish view of them only? Also, the green dot in the middle of the screen (cursor) is really annoying in VR.

I try to set up nice scenes where some good looking females gets fucked, and for them to move like they are getting fucked I need to add a guy fucking them, but I don't want him to be visible.

I've become a patreon as I like this project, but feel kinda demotivated to continue as these two things are VERY annoying to me. Ruins all the fun I would have as I can't see a way they can be disabled.

Hope we can have the option to remove them really soon so I can use this awesome software. I use it with my Oculus Rift (CV1) only, BTW ;)


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    I see your point and I would like fully invisible characters too. It's a cheap trick we can use while the missing real mechanics are being worked on. It's been suggested several times already:

    But for the moment we have to use our ingenuity. You can actually hide characters inside walls, under the floor, etc. Which allows you to make it look real enough. Use your imagination. Here are some of my poses:

    That's a genderbent horse, fully animated. Took 7 characters to make that couple and 5 are completely hidden under the bed/floor.

    And this one is a lesbian threesome with fully working fisting and oral sex. 

    I have a couple under the floor and I parented the dragon's hand to the pelvic anchor of the male, which makes it mimic the thrusting, there is also a hidden fox for the oral thrusting and another hidden character for the giraffe's orgasm.

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    I've already tried stuff like that. Had the horse dude under the floor where he's bent backwards so he's like thrusting towards the floor and only his dick was seen going in and out of a female, but that's the only position I could think of to make a female get fucked without seeing the dude.

    Like I said, I use VR and would like to be the one fucking the females :), but hard when I can't properly hide the guy. ATM I'm using the Waifu Sex Simulator to have sex with Mei and other chicks I find attractive. I place them on the floor in VR the way I want and just fuck my sex doll IRL, and it's like fucking them :)  Would like to do the same in this application, but not being able to completely hide the males ruins it for me.

    I really don't wanna go through all the time-consuming work to try and hide them as it is now. Would be so simple if I could just simply hide them normally.
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    Thanks for the suggestions though :), but it's nothing I can be bothered to do, and it won't be exactly the way I want it to anyway.
  • odesodes Administrator
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    Thanks for expressing your concerns.

    VR cursor will be toggle-able in next release.
    Characters will be hide-able in next release.
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    Wow! Next release? YAY! Can't wait :smiley:

    Hope it's very soon tho ;)
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