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A few noob questions.

I last tried this during early pre-alpha, and at the time, I had no idea what was going on when I tried it, and I hadn't checked it since.  And now, holy crap!  This is amazing! 
I'm definitely planning on becoming a patron.  I have a few questions though.

1) How do I make my own scenes and animations?  I don't see any options for that.  Sorry if it's an obvious second download needed.  I just downloaded the main game from patreon and came straight here after trying it out.

2) Why do some scenes not let me use wasd camera mode?  Is this a bug, or is it set by the scene creator?

3) Is there a way to turn off the little green dot (reticle)?

4) Is there a way to force the characters to look at me, or is that toggle always controlled by the animation?

5) I don't have Oculus Touch or Vive yet (just the Oculus).  Is there any cool stuff you can do with the Touch controllers or the Vive wands?



  • oh yeah. one more question (couldn't see an edit function in the forums).
    When it gives you options for the characters: 6) Is the only option always the transparency (not a bad thing, just don't want to check every time if that's always going to be it), an 7) Is it supposed to always just be one character (or none) per scene you have options for? or am I just not seeing the options for the other characters?
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    1: Press Escape & choose the option 'Edit Scene" to get the options to add characters & move them around & such. You can edit other users scenes at first to help you get used to things.

    2: Press Tab to activate WASD camera mode. There shouldn't be any restrictions on this I don't think, & it can be toggled on & off.

    3: I think that's a bug that might be fixed later on, but that's a VR issue I think, so I wouldn't know.

    4: Just turn the "Look at camera" slider all the way on, & they should consistently be looking at you. (Unless the other option of "Limit head movement" is set to not let them move their heads very far)

    5: Don't know, I don't have VR.

    6: Most characters have transparency, wetness, and alternate skins. If you press Escape, and then type anything into the "Unlock features" tab, then you will unlock *all* alternate skins for every character.

    7: You should have *all* options available for *all* characters that are in a scene. Opening one characters options covers up the other characters options, so click on that characters name/options again to close their options & be able to select another one.
  • Thanks for all the info!
  • jei3jei3 Moderator
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    a few things to clarify:

    1: You can not currently edit in VR mode, make sure you disconnect your headset before launching to edit interactions. There's going to be a separate launcher included in future releases to make this easier.

    3: The VR reticle was brought up in another thread and Odes said it'll be toggle-able in a future release:

    5: Motion controls haven't been implemented yet, this has also come up before

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    Come to think about, we have no available tutorials and yiffalicious takes a while to get used to, some mechanics are not fully explained by the description. Maybe I could try to make a tutorial with some images and gifs.
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    @TheBiologist ;

    There's some (horribly outdated) videos on the homepage. This has been discussed before: Yiffalicious is still in alpha stage, and maintaining updated tutorials is too time consuming and futile as lots of mechanics can change making the tutorials incomplete or even incorrect.

    But nothing stops you from making your own, and I'm sure they'll be greatly appreciated by newbies... Yiffalicious can be a bit intimidating when you start.
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