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Who do you use most often and why?

Personally, I just love Charlotte. She looks so cute and sweet <3 She is fun to play around with, with all the different possibilities that comes with "her generation".
  I always use the Fox Femboy, but that will only be until (if ever) we get a human male into the game.  


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    Currently I'm using "Cat" more often than others. Her particularly small frame appeals to me a bit extra currently, but it's also a bummer that she's got so few facial expressions. Will most likely try Charlotte some extra in my next scenes since she's got a lot more possibilities in that area.
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    I'm using Cat and Khana with a sprinkling of Illinir while waiting on the public release for Charlotte. Mostly just using them because they're the only characters that actually animate properly, and Cat's the only character with a unique body type among the girls, in my opinion. It seems like all of them hover around that same thick-ish, pear-ish shape and that's kinda irritating.
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    Cat and Illinir. Mostly because they have the more different body type, srp mirrors my opinion pretty well. Charlotte however is my new favourite in a way, she still has that same body type as most of the other girls but its not exaggerated, and you have the choice to tone it down.
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    Horse for... Horse parts. Annnnd Charlotte for facial expressions. I dunno. I do a lot of BDSM sort of stuff so the facial expressions are sort of pertinent and, well, you can never go wrong with horse parts. 
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    Elaine! really loves her and Bob mostly, think they are perfect for all the lewd stuff
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