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i keep seeing you guys talk about a yiffalicious 2, but never have seen a site for it, is there one?


  • odesodes Administrator
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    YL2 is still in early development. A site will be created for it closer to release.
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    ah, ok
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    hi there, just seeing if there is any form of ETA on 0.7.2?
  • odesodes Administrator
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    We're trying to get it out before the end of the month.
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    (Mr. Burns voice)...Excellent...>:^}
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    ok, TY for the answer AND the work you've put into it. All for the sake of us weird, furry porn loving FON. :smile: 
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    one last question, i noticed that the skins were turned off in 0.6 for free users. I thought that you guys unlocked them for free users?
  • odesodes Administrator
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    wolfmaster56 said: one last question, i noticed that the skins were turned off in 0.6 for free users. I thought that you guys unlocked them for free users?
    Type anything into the "unlock features" window.
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    before the end of the month? this sounds good!! like test for see how my small machine can move :blush:  i try to take a look here with frecuency
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    odes, OK ty

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    So basically we don't get any news on YL2 unless we're patrons? I'm pretty sure the last update I read about YL2 2 months ago was public, not patrons only. Why do we have to pay now, just to get informations about your progress on YL2? ôo Won't it be accessible for the public? Will it be patrons only? Sorry, but this is ridiculous... Those informations should be for everybody, not patrons only. And there's no information for the public about YL2, at least I couldn't find any. The last public post is from December 2016! Glad I cancelled my patronage for YL. Not going to support such greed...
  • odesodes Administrator
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    @Oozaru ;
    I don't necessarily disagree with your sentiment, but I'm a bit surprised your raising this concern *now*. The $3 pledge is one of the tiers that has remained the same since we launched our project several years ago. These posts aren't the first.
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    @odes ;
    It's happening again. Could the problem be actually growing severe?
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    Nope, I read a post about YL2 2 or so months ago, and I think it was public, since I wasn't a patron back then, yet. I'm not 100% sure anymore, tho. Anyway, I don't think it's fair to keep those informations from the public. Yeah, I know those people don't pay for YL, but if not for those people, this game wouldn't be as popular among the community, as it is right now. You could post at least one big information post every 2 months or so for public view. But the last public post was in december 2016. Forcing people to pay for a little bit of information is very bad publicity for this game.
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited July 2018
    All WIP posts will from now on become visible to everyone after 2 weeks.

    We summed things up in this post:

    It also links to posts that were previously patrons only. Good place to get an overview of the current state!
  • Got a few questions:

    Will it be possible to use old interaction files?

    I've had a hard time so far editing finished interactions because of the transitions. A feature to turn off all snapshot transitions temporarily at once would be great. Or does the recent version already have a feature in that regard? Changing Snapshots with the arrow keys doesn't quite help.

    Can transition durations be set to 0 seconds?

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    UnbridledStallion said: Will it be possible to use old interaction files?
    I answered this before, and I was "confirmed" by Odes himself, check it out:
  • Odes: How mny time until the Yl2 web page created? :P I asked because i finding the game on every webpage :D :D :D
  • Was Y2 just a rumor or is it really happening? Has been a year so far. Havent heard anything updated about it whether if its gonna just be converted into Y1 or if its cancelled. I assume Y1 is still in the making so one would think anything from the idea of Y2 would be merged into the Simulator game. Anyone hear anything about it? 
  • edited October 2018
    1. Yes, it's happening.
    2. It has been more than a year, also it won't be completely finished for a year o two more. There will be at least one not-feature-complete release before 2018 ends, but AFAIK those will be patron-only.
    3. There's an update every month about the development.
    4. YL1 is not cancelled, is finished (there won't be more significant updates to it), and YL2 is a standalone product.
    5. Everything I answered here is already on this same forum. You just have to read*.

    *Yes, I'm calling you lazy.

  • Two developers have only the software.  The financial support is also reduced, which is not very inspirational. Plus they also have their private lives. 
  • I know they are doing this project out of love, but given how deep they keep delving into details and keeps pushing back a release, any release, people are going to abandon ship, which will jeopardize any release at all. This problem, with developers that keep fine-tuning and finding new things to add, is beginning to spread and plague development. I'm tired, so don't know if this is making any sense.  
  • If they could get something released every 2nd month, after the Character Creator for YL2 is released, then people would be much more willing to become and stay patrons.   
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