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[Horse] Iron Stallion

edited 6:22PM in Custom skins
Iron Stallion v0.1

Picked up a trial version of Substance Painter 2 to have a go at making custom skinning.... starting from absolutely zero (0) experience in Texture Design or PBR. After -hours- of tutorials, here's what I've got to present to you: 

A few things to mention is that the eyes -TOTALLY- did not come out the way I wanted and I'm not quite sure how to fix it. For some reason the eyes are either always green or the red eye only applies to the right eye. There was also some loss in glossiness to the oil slick post-export from Substance Painter 2, so I wanna figure out if I can work some magic with that given that I'm only able to use a single Albedo base color. Here's what the mesh is -supposed- to look like:

I also have no idea how to work the Skin Manager yet, so unfortunately you'll have to manually install the textures into their locations in your %appdata% Yiffalicious folder respective to their locations. 

So, I guess you could call this Version 0.1? 

Here's what I plan to do with the model: 
- Add coloration to the hooves to make them more distinct
- Figure out how to apply the 'oil leaking' effects on only one side of the mesh (difficult with the base albedo) so that the hair looks as though it's dripping oil on his shoulder
- Figure out how to apply the creepy-pasta red eye effects
- Figure out how to make the oil slick more 'glossy' if that's even possible
- Make his eyebrows black. They look weird right now. 
- Iron out the textures around the seams. 

Texture Files Link:


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