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[Application] Yiffalicious Skin Manager

jei3jei3 Moderator
edited February 2018 in Custom skins
To help install and manage skins i've put together a skin manager.

Note: Custom skins require Yifalicious v0.7.1 or higher

I will be keeping this application up to date with new releases of Yiffalicious.

Important Files:

The application needs the following files to run properly:

Included in the release
  • YiffaliciousSkinManager.exe - main application
  • YiffaliciousSkinManager.exe.config - application configuration settings
  • yiffaliciousSkinSlots.json - configuration data for ingame skin layout

Files Generated by the application
  • skindb.json - keeps track of your skins
  • %appdata%\YiffaliciousSkinManager\user.config - user specific in-app settings

How to use the app:

If you have not done so, set your "Skin Folder" using the [...] button. This folder is where your .ZIP files will be stored.

When you download a ZIP file, you can either:
1: Drag the skin onto the right hand panel to add it to the skin db and skin folder
2: Place it in the "Skin Folder" you specified and manually refresh the skin db

Note: You can remove skins from your skin folder by right clicking and selecting 'Delete Skin Zip', this will not remove the skin from the in game slot.

To install a skin into the game folders:
1: Drag the skin you want to install (from the right) onto a character skin slot (on the left)
2: To set the skin slot back to defaults, right click and select "clear"

Note: You can only drag skins onto the correct character and body part.

More Info:
The following sites will have more info on skins and skin related applications:

Version History
v2.0.3 - New rightclick slot menu, fixed issue with mixed-case skin names
v2.0.2 - Fixed bug when custom titles are used
v2.0.1 - Fixed bug where invalid zip file would cause app to crash
v2.0 - New UI, better support for skins with the same name, various bug fixes

v1.0.3 - Better support for weirdly formatted ZIP files
v1.0.2 - Bug fix, bunny's skin slots were not showing up
v1.0.1 - Initial public release

v2.0.3 -



  • edited 8:53PM
    This is awesome!!! Super nice! Thanks :)
  • edited 8:53PM
    Wait where can I get the Undyne skin for the dragoness? I can't find it :'(

  • jei3jei3 Moderator
    edited 8:53PM
    Not all my skins are necessarily complete yet. I have some finishing touches on undyne still.
  • edited March 2017
    Hello, I'm a Mac user and have been able to open and run the skin manager but I can't drag and drop any skins possibly do to having to run it with Wine; what i want to ask is if you mite be able to give an option when you right click on the left menu skin slots, the ability to input the name of a skin manually, in a future build?
    Unless there's a way around this i don't know about.

    Also, I forgot to mention that for some reason it only shows the skins slots (eve though they are crammed into a small menu box).

    I know the game is mostly windows oriented and the skin manager is still early in it's stages so maybe it'll correct it's self along the way.
  • edited 8:53PM
    I cant really understand clearly how to import the skins into the game
  • jei3jei3 Moderator
    edited 8:53PM
    FERN said: I cant really understand clearly how to import the skins into the game
    drag the skin you want onto the slot you want:

  • edited 8:53PM
    @FERN ;
    Do you have trouble setting up the right folder structure? There are small differences between the subfolder names depending on the character.
  • edited 8:53PM
    Hey :) First I wanted to thank you for this great tool.

    Unfortunately it won't work for me. :( I followed your instructions, and my skins show up in your tool, but when I drag them onto their respective slot, it won't let me drop it there. It does work with other custom skins I downloaded here in the forum tho. I compared my folders to those of other custom skins and it looks right to me. I have no idea why the tool won't let me use my skins, despite showing them in the right panel. :/
  • jei3jei3 Moderator
    edited 8:53PM
    @Oozaru , the skin manager will only let you drag skins into the skin slots for the correct character and part, if you are unable to drag the skin onto the skin slot it's probably due to the character or part being wrong.

    if you PM me the skin you're trying to zip up i'll look at it and let you know what's wrong.
  • edited 8:53PM
    Thanks for the quick response. 

    Well it's a custom rhino skin I made. I downloaded a custom rhino skin by someone else and did everything as the other skins author did. Same folder structure, same file names. His skin works, but my skin doesn't. :( 

    Sure, I'll send you the skin later when I'm back home. Thanks. :)
  • edited 8:53PM
    I don't know why, but I'm able to drag the skins from the right panel into the correct slot, but it is not working. The skin does not show up in-game. Can anyone help?
  • edited 8:53PM
    @vdconsense Are you using the Patrons private version 7.1? Because as it is right now you can only play with custom skins on the patron version, it isn't possible on the public release version as far as I know.

    If you are using the Patrons only version, then I'm less sure. Are you dragging the custom skin onto one of the characters alternate skins, meaning you just have to switch that characters skin in game? I'm not quite sure what wouldn't be working if this were the case.
  • edited 8:53PM
    @Ninjamuai I understand what the problem is now. Thank you.
  • edited 8:53PM
    I feel like I'm failing somehow, but the majority of skins don't work for me. I drop the zip file into the skin folder, but so far only one has actually shown up in the app. I have tried dragging the files onto the app as well with no results. Am I missing something?
  • edited May 2017
    either a bug or something, but it tells me im missing the yiffilicousSkinSlots.json file even though Its physically in my face and I know its there.
  • Li6Li6
    edited 8:53PM
    FoxFemboy bug dick
  • edited 8:53PM
  • edited 8:53PM
    needs a video tutorial for other people who are not getting it!
  • Downloaded it, ran it, saw the skins but couldn't actually drag anything to anywhere. Tried deleting the app and re-downloaded it, and now the app won't open at all :( It shows up at the task manager for a few seconds then disappears.
  • Love this helpful tool, but, like Hazzak, it doesn't seem to want to work for me either anymore.
  • I love this tool and it works fantastically, I would love if every character had more skin slots though, that's honestly my only complaint.
  • @jei3
    Great tool you've got here. 
    If there was one suggestion I'd have, it would likely be to have a right click drop down that let you choose the slot immediately.
    Sometimes when I drag the skin, it doesn't register that I'm dragging. I just had a play around, and it seems if you drag from the 'text' area of the skin, it doesn't drag, you need to drag from the top section.
    But overall, when I'm trying to do this quickly and not thinking about it, it can sometimes take multiple times to do it (Although, now that I've figured it out... probably not).
    Overall that isn't particularly intuitive since the image takes up the entire 'square', but you can only drag from the top section.

    Anyway, back to my suggestion. A much quicker way IMO, especially once the skin collection grows would be to right click -> Assign to Slot X (Where there would be an option for each available slot). This means you don't have to worry about dragging it all the way to the left or anything.

    That would be my 2 cents anyway.
  • jei3jei3 Moderator
    @som2040, right click menu is a good idea, added it to v2.0.3
  • it do not work on my computer how do i fix that

  • The manager no longer opens for me :c
  • Still works fine for me. Really like the right click option now.
    Still catches me off guard you cant drag+drop+right click from the text area. But still definitely like the right click option more.
  • edited February 2018
    For those who can't get it to open, you could try this suggestion. Saw it in the issues category. I did it and managed to get it to open again.
  • edited February 2018
    Well, now I'm having problems. For some reason, the skins aren't appearing in the skin manager window. Whether added to the skin folder and updated manually, or dragged and dropped in the manager itself

    EDIT: Never mind, the problem fixed itself.
  • So the manager still doesn't work for me, any tips? Ive tried deleting the files and even reinstalling YL but it still doesn't work for me....
  • edited January 2019
    Hi, I just downloaded the skin manager zip and I'm still clueless on setting it up. Like how to set it up properly without any errors. 

    P.s Yes, I've seen the first post of yours but i'm still clueless.

    Alright nevermind, I found out how to set it up properly. Everything ish cool now.

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