[Application] Yiffalicious Skin Manager



  • edited February 14
    I have a small QoL (Quality of Life) suggestion for the Skin Manager.
    Could we have the skin slot names like they are in the game instead of numbers? Because that would make it easier to replace the skins you rarely use/don't like so much (Not a huge fan of blue Charlotte for example).
  • hi ive used the link to download the files, when I click on them nothing opens up are there files that im missing or am I missing out a process
  • I can't seem to get it to work. The %appdata%\YiffaliciousSkinManager\user.config isn't being created, nor can I see any skins in the app.

  • @Slender61 The creator of the skin manager seems to have disappeared. Someone here might be able to help, but don't expect it from the creator of the skin manager.

    my Yiffalicious Skin Manager do not work on my computer what can i do to let it work ??

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