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[Application] Yiffalicious Skin Manager



  • edited February 2019
    I have a small QoL (Quality of Life) suggestion for the Skin Manager.
    Could we have the skin slot names like they are in the game instead of numbers? Because that would make it easier to replace the skins you rarely use/don't like so much (Not a huge fan of blue Charlotte for example).
  • hi ive used the link to download the files, when I click on them nothing opens up are there files that im missing or am I missing out a process
  • I can't seem to get it to work. The %appdata%\YiffaliciousSkinManager\user.config isn't being created, nor can I see any skins in the app.

  • @Slender61 The creator of the skin manager seems to have disappeared. Someone here might be able to help, but don't expect it from the creator of the skin manager.

    my Yiffalicious Skin Manager do not work on my computer what can i do to let it work ??

  • Yeah its not opening up anymore for me.
  • is there a way to reset all skins at once?
  • hey, i cant use the manager, please someone help me 
  • @Darkdark its been doing that for me for about a year i guess now, ive literally tried everything i could think of to fix it... for now im just doing skins manually, takes a while to re-sort everything back to how it was.
  • I just have one question for anyone that can help. Why doesnt the manager recognize all .zip files for a character ? I have a lot for giraffe but it only recognizes very few.
  • How do you switch the skin slots ? say you want to try different sklins but got like 2 to 3 slots open. But the only one you get to shiw is the skin in 0

  • zipfiles made with 7z dont work properly according to the documentation. also, if the zips arent done properly they wont show. to be honest, i tend to only use the liveskin dropper instead of the manager cuz it works alot better.

    as for the skin slots, when you open an interaction, or start one, on the right hand side of the screen you click on the models name, then scroll down to skins and use the slider there to switch between skins.

    past that, you would have to ensure that you are loading skins into thier appropriete slots. good luck.
  • I have a problem that has been bothering me for a long time.  When I open the program, only the loading symbol appears, but it never opens and stays like that. Any solution?
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