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Skins by som2040 - Poison vs Chun-Li

edited April 2019 in Custom skins
Hi guys,
Awesome to see the release of Yiffalicious 1 finally. Have been thinking about some skins for a while and how they'd work in Yiffalicious. Heaps of fun experimenting with what you can do.
Without further adieu, here are some skins:

Skin Index
Khana - Antelope
Mistress -
School Swimsuit -
Summer Casual -
Harley Quinn -
Christmas Elf -
Marble Blue Bikini -
Hoot Girl -

Bob - Rhino
Couch Potato -
Snowman -

Maya - Giraffe
White Trash -
School Swimsuit -
Blue Bikini -
Pink Stripper -
Hoot Girl -

Elaine - Deer
Party Night -
Partied All Night -
School Swimsuit -
Poison Ivy -
Red Hair -
Green Eyes -
Black Bikini - 
3L41N3 -
Hoot Girl -
Chun-Li -

Illinir - Dragon
Dominatrix -
Yoga -
Batgirl -
Blue Eyes -
Mrs Claus -
Black Party Dress -
Succubus -
Hoot Girl -
Nurse -
School Swimsuit -

Illinir - Dragon - Futanari
Mrs Claus -
Mey Mey -
Redder Hair -
Red Eyes -
Nurse -
Blue Eyes -
Succubus -
Hoot Girl -
Lingerie -

Beach Bunny -
Hoot Girl -
School Swimsuit -
Bunny Suit (Black + White) -
Zatanna -

Cow - Charlotte - Futanari
Jockstrap -
Flasher Jockstrap -
School Uniform -
Green/Pink/Yellow Bikini - 
Doctor -
Hoot Girl -
Black Market -
Green Bimbo -
Base Skins -
Gingerbread - 
Poison - 

Cow - Charlotte - Regular
Lingerie -
Business Suit -
Hoot Girl -
Doctor -
Green/Pink/Yellow Bikini -
School Swim Suit -
Base Skins - 
Gingerbread - 

School Swimsuit -
Catwoman -
Black Hair -
Christmas Elf -
Hoot Girl -
Leopard Skin -

School Swim Trunks -
Pajamas -
Nutcracker - 

Board Shorts -
Nightwing -
Black Hair -

Business Suit -
Beach Bum - 

The Joker -
Green Eyes - \
School Swim Trunks -

Great Father Fraenir Claus -

Mistress Khana
One of the first skins I envisioned, and the first one I created. This sexy beast will tease and torment you, and if you're lucky, she may even unzip and show you the good stuff.

You'll need to turn up the wetness on Khana to get this skin to look good.

Couch Potato Bob
Inspired by post, I thought it would be a pretty simple and interesting thing to do. Couch Potato Bob is covered in greasy food stains from all the greasy food he eats, but somehow some women still find that attractive.

Couch Potato
Workout - Before he became a pizza junky
Couch Potato - Jocks
Couch Potato - Bottomless

White Trash Maya
Couch Potato Bob needed a female to go alongside him, so enter White Trash Maya. This trashy chick is digging a country shirt while her ripped short shorts make it obvious that this chick is ready for a good time. No wonder she's already pregnant.

White Trash Maya

Hope you enjoy the skins. There's definitely more on the way (Mainly of the former kind).


  • Thanks for the skins. Really like these, especially Khana's Latex.
  • Oh god! I love these so sexy! thanks alot! :D
  • Thanks for the kind words guys. Definitely more latex skins to come, I've messed around with it on a few characters now (Although Khana is definitely my favourite to play around with).
    Next one will probably be an Illinir once I figure out the wing stuff.

    But in the mean time, whipped up another quick skin today. Messing around with trying to create 'fake' texture manually. Turned out alright I reckon, but definitely something to work on.

    Party Night Elaine
    Elaine loves to go out and party, she wears a flashy red dress, an expensive gold necklace and shoes you'd die for. Catch her in the right mood, and you might even have a shot at getting lucky.

    Party Night Elaine
    Party Night Elaine without Panties
  • Really like the concept of giving clothing to this characters. Nicely done!
  • fucking awsome, small question do you have any skins for finn planned?
  • What program are you using to make these?
  • @menny
    No plans for Finn at the moment. Usually I have ideas for the girls, which may mean as a consequence I create a skin for a guy to go in a scene with her.

    This is all done in Substance Painter 2.
  • @som2040 Teach me! I have a license for 30 days x3
  • So spent the morning working on two skins. One is another dominatrix skin, this time for Charlotte. Not quite done with it, gonna try and figure out how to do the Futa version as well first. The second one was a quick variant for Party Night Elaine

    Party All Night Elaine
    She's gone wild, she's a bit loose, and now she's ready to guzzle down every last drop of cum at the club. Head to the restroom if you've got a load, cuz Elaine is partying all night long.

    Just a quick little variation with Elaine tits out and covered in cum. Might come back to it again in the future, as I'm not super happy with how it came out, but it does the job.
    Party All Night Long

    To be honest, I only started this a week or so ago myself, so I'm definitely no expert. I've just been following the info I've found on these forums and on the Yiffalicious Wiki. If you're familiar with other editing tools like Photoshop it should come fairly quickly.

    A little hard to teach, I would suggest just mucking around with it for a few days and see where you get to. Maybe try something like a Latex skin for your first one. The wetness option in Yiffalicious means you can make a fairly convincing looking Latex without needing to do much. Latex Khana for example, is basically just flat black and grey painted on to the model but the engine does all the good stuff.
    Just find a picture of something you want to do, and give it a shot. Once you're happy enough, try something a bit more challenging.
    Only recommendation would be to try things that fit with the models if you're skinning clothes. You can't magically add a dress or skirt onto the models for example (Which is why Elaines dress is super skimpy). It's better to do close fitting clothes like catsuits, latex, shorts, tshirt, etc.

    Happy to help (if I can) if you run into any issues.
  • Best skins ever!
  • Could you do an unzipped latex version of Charlotte, because u can manually close her zipper while editing a pose lol, thanks!
  • YUS, pls make more sexy clothing for the girls. Bikini???
  • @DezzNutzz
    Of course. The zipped versions are just in case someone wants a zipped up scene where the character is not having sex. Dunno if they're even worth it, as it's not necessarily a place most people will look on a character not involved in sex anyway.

    Sure will at some point. Perhaps even in my next few skins. Kinda come to a conclusion on most of the ones I'm currently working on, so gonna mess around a bit with different stuff soon.

    As for now, I've got another new skin.
    Dominatrix Illinir
    Bow down to the queen. This mean dragon will make you lick her claws, and you'll do it, just for the possibility with being with this stunning queen.

    Dominatrix Illinir Zipped
    Dominatrix Illinir Unzipped
  • edited November 2017
    Could you make a version of that rhino without any bottoms, and one with dirty sweaty briefs to match the A-shirt? :P
  • edited November 2017

    I love your masks, and if you want I can create them, well, if it is not a nuisance, I would like to ask you if you can make a version of Charlot or Maya with lingerie, it does not matter if only the stockings. I would like a big favor, if you read it and would appreciate it very much, thank you man. :D
  • New skin is done. Put Charlotte dom/latex on hold, it's not quite turning out how I'd like. So may rethink that one.

    Beach Bunny
    It's summer time down under, and this sassy bunny needed a new colourful bikini. She spends most her time at the beach sunbathing away those tanlines she's got, but who knows, the right complement and you might be fucking like rabbits indoors.

    Beach Bunny
    Beach Bunny Topless
    Beach Bunny Naked

    I'll see what I can do. Bottomless bob would be no effort.

    I'll see what takes my fancy. I'm having fun doing a variety of outfits at the moment, and lingerie is definitely on the radar.
  • Thanks for taking me into consideration :)

  • Just a simple one tonight guys. Probably should've been doing other stuff, but hey, this is fun! I felt kinda bad that my first Charlotte skin isn't going to plan, so I whipped up a quick one tonight and it turned out alright.
    Jockstrap Charlotte
    This cow is shy and timid, but behind that awkward smile lies a dirty dirty girl. She longs to fuck another, but is too shy to make an approach. In the privacy of her beach house, she straps a jockstrap on over her balls and milks her cock while reading hentai.

    Jockstrap Charlotte
  • fucking awsome, also nice giving back stories to each of these
  • Sooooooooo sexy!
  • Back with some new skins today, but not just one, not just two, but 5 new skins!
    I've had the idea to do Cat in those typical Japanese schoolgirl swimsuit, and figured may as well start a bit of a collection.

    Schoolgirl Swimsuit Collection
    These schoolgirls look pure and innocent on the outside, but harbour built up sexual frustration on the inside. After gym, these girls are having a nice refreshing shower in the girls locker room only to catch a peeping tom in the act! Of course, such a perverse act cannot go unpunished...

    Swimsuit Cat
    Swimsuit Elaine
    Swimsuit Khana
    Swimsuit Maya
    Swim Trunks Fox

    Hey man, I've uploaded 2 new Bob skins for you. Go back to the Couch Potato post to find the additional skins. Hope they're what you're after.
  • edited November 2017
    So two posts in one day! I thought it'd be cool to continue Charlottes theme of the shy futanari, who has a bit of a naughty side that hasn't been bought to light. The skin didn't go completely as planned (for some reason, the seam lines on Futa charlotte don't get covered well when I'm painting), and originally I wanted to do a bit more of a 'hidden' surprise by having the non-futa Charlotte covering up her dick in the trenchcoat, but some early tests on a swimsuit version didn't work out very well. So instead, you'll have to see Charlotte with her cock out all the time.

    Flasher Jockstrap Charlotte
    Charlottes Voyeur Journal - Page 15
    Oh god. Why did I think this was a good idea? Someone is going to see me in my jockstrap, I know it. Why did I go outside, I've got a raging hard on now just thinking about what I'm doing and I can't cover it up. Oh god, I've got to get back home. OOOOPH! Oh no... Oh no............. This has to be just a dream!!!

    Flasher Jockstrap Charlotte Covered
    Flasher Jockstrap Charlotte Part Uncovered
    Flasher Jockstrap Charlotte Breasts Bare
  • awsome to the max
  • Thank you so much!
  • edited January 2018
    Glad you guys are enjoying the skins and the little backstories behind them.

    Next up is the requested Lingerie for Charlotte. Was a little daunted by this, but with a little youtube help I figured out stencils so was easy enough to find a random pattern on the internet and plonk it in. Hope you enjoy.

    Lingerie Charlotte
    Charlotte and Horses love life is in the rocks. He isn't even interested anymore. So what if she's put on a little weight, or a bit of armpit hair. She's decided to take matters into her own hands, purchasing a set of appetizing lingerie she's going to have sex with her Horse even if she has to force him.

    Lingerie Charlotte
    Lingerie Charlotte with Armpit Hair

    Here's the lingerie skin for Charlotte, hope you enjoy.

    Edit : Update, here is a link to the Lingerie as a transparent png. Now you can add it on top of any skin you're after.
  • ooo that just gave me the nasty idea of futa charlotte who doesn't shave with a hairy ass, armpits, and a big bush
  • I know I shouldn't ask(I pretty sure I already used my one call for any request) but could you do a skin of futa iliner the theme being of a workout variety(I'll be honest I can't fully remember what it was I was thinking of), anything related to a 'being in a gym' look would work
  • Hey guys,
    Been a few days since my last skin. Wasn't sure if I was going to release this one or not. But after seeing it in game while flicking through some other peoples creations, I thought it didn't actually look half bad so decided to finish it.
    I'm really not happy with the skirt aspect, it's a bit sloppy and doesn't quite work. I might come back after doing some other characters and take another look at this one.
    Hope you guys enjoy.

    School Uniform Futanari Charlotte
    "Muuuuum, I need to go to the bathroom".
    "Sure hun, just don't be too long".
    Finally... some privacy, I can let this cow cock out. Mmmm yeah, a quick fap couldn't hurt... Let's get out of this top. Oh god yeah...
    *Fap fap fap*
    Fuuuuuuck, I'm cumming.
    "Charlotte hun, you've been a while and it's almost time to go... you ok in there?"
    "Yeah mum, I'm almost done"
    Phew, I guess that'll have to do for now.

    School Uniform Futa Charlotte
    School Uniform without Blazer
    School Uniform Topless
  • and the new fave skin has appear, genius strikes again
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