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DC characters skins request!

I'd like to start off by saying I understand that these may take a while to make and it's totally okay! No pressure to anyone willing to make these.

So now to my requests! As a fan of DC I'd like to see some of the Yiffalicious characters get naughty while wearing costumes of some heroes/villains so here's a list!

Faenir as Batman
Finn as Nightwing (I would prefer the suit to be the one with finger stripes)
Fox as Robin
Wolf as Joker (This one is completely optional considering I don't know how well it would look)

Illinir as Batgirl (futa/herm version is optional)
Cat as Harley Quinn
Charlotte as Starfire (again futa/herm version is optional)

If anyone does these it will be greatly appreciated but please don't pressure yourself and do them if you have the time to!


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