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Request for Toriel

Can someone make a Toriel skin for Charlotte? Both female and intersexed versions please. Thanks <span>:blush:</span>


  • Sure I can try to if ya want
  • Please if you can it would be awesome!
  • @Myname If you don't mind me asking how goes the toriel skin?
  • @duskreaper sorry i only saw this today, I have completed the rough copy of the normal nude skin for reg. Charlotte (still need to do some touch ups) and started working on the clothed variant (as dynamite wanted Toriel with clothes as well). Regretfully i have not gotten to working on the futa/herm variant as of yet due to work and some other things. I will try to accomplish more in these coming days as I have a holiday from work soon. Sorry again guys.
  • edited March 2018
  • edited March 2018
    check mine out too :smiley:
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