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Skins by som2040 - Poison vs Chun-Li



  • Thanks for the kind words guys.
    Bit busy with other stuff lately, but still plodding along on a new skin or two. 

    Pink Stripper Maya
    Ladies and Gentlemen, she's straight from Africa, give it up for the stripper in pink, Mayaaaaa!

    Pink Stripper Maya Collection
    Pink Stripper Maya Clothing

    Btw let me know if there are any others you're interested in. It's something I'll do on future skins, but if there are specifically any other previous ones let me know and I'll go ahead and get the PNGs for those done.
  • Loving the stripper Maya.It's my favorite skin for her. Thanks for making the clothes as separate pieces so we can mix & match. I hope that's something that'll catch on.
  • I love the bikinis o_o could we get Charlotte non-futa versions?
  • @som2040 I know I'm a little late for the skin, but I love Mey Mey. Thank you so much for making a skin of her. :D
  • @cryptdick
    Will try and get you the non-futa version, since it should be doable to transfer them to non-futa charlotte. May be a while, but definitely haven't overlooked it.

    Thanks for the other kind words guys, glad you're enjoying the skins. It's been a little while since my last release, been a bit busy but do have some stuff in the pipeline which I think you'll enjoy.
    For now, please enjoy
    Hoots Girls
    Hoots is the hottest new restaurant on the block. Go in and pay for the food or pay for the girls, either way you're gonna have a hell of a time because Hoots only employs the hottest and horniest girls around.

    Hoot Girl Cat
    Hoot Girl Khana
    Hoot Girl Maya
    Hoot Girl Clothing
  • I love you completely men.
  • Awesome skins! They are probably my favorite ones that you have made, keep up the good work!
  • Hey guys,
    This is a little set of skins I've been working on for a while now. Definitely some things I'm not happy how they turned out compared to the source material (lookup Futanari Clinic by Musashi Dou if you're interested!). I did think about whether or not I wanted to go ahead with these skins since there's not really a good setting to place Doctors/Nurse in the game currently, but hey, can always be a little cosplay at the end of the day.

  • edited February 2018
    The robot appocalypse has begun! It's super cool that all these 'robo' skins are popping up lately, and since others are doing it, I thought I'd join in the fun!

    This state of the art android will serve all your household needs. Cook your food, do your laundry, chores are a problem of the past! For the cheap cheap price of $10,000,000 this lovely android can be yours today. That's right! No more chores! This android will do them for you while you focus on the things that really matter! Call 1-800-R0B0T-R3V0LUT10N today to order your very own 3L41N3 model android!
    som2040 can not be held accountable if said android joins robot revolution. Batteries are included. Pleasure model available in limited quantities.

    3L41N3 Collection
    3L41N3 Blue Dress
  • wait batteries included?! what black magic is this
  • edited March 2018
    Working on a different type of skin this time. Clothing and costumes is generally what I've done to date, but recently I've been thinking about more well... 'skin' skins for characters. I've got some coming for Charlotte, but this one I finished for Illinir recently. Quickly scratched up another skin to go with the preview as well. 

    Succubus Illinir
    Beware the Succubus, for while pleasant and attractive and a queen in the bedroom, you may have bitten off more than you can chew. For a Succubus will drain not only the cum from your balls, but your very soul.That being said, beings of high stamina Succubi tend to keep around for the energy they provide, until they get bored of them of course and move onto more interesting tasks.
    Succubus Illinir Futa Collection
    Succubus Illinir Collection
    Black Party Dress Illinir
    Black Party Dress Clothing
  • Non-futa version of Succubus Illinir pls? <span>:blush:</span>
  • @UnbridledStallion
    Done mate. 
    I've also updated a version 2 for Black Party Dress Illinir. For some reason on the regular Illinir, it seems that the either all the teeth aren't on the model or they're mapped to somewhere else on the texture, as colours seem to bleed through onto the teeth. I've now fixed it for that skin.
  • Hoot Girls
    Hoots is back, and bigger than ever! More girls, more fun! And now Hoots proudly presents our first two Futanari waitresses, Charlotte and Illinir! Truly Hoots has something for all.

    Hoot Girl Complete Collection
    Hoot Girl Bunny
    Hoot Girl Charlotte
    Hoot Girl Futanari Charlotte
    Hoot Girl Elaine
    Hoot Girl Illinir
    Hoot Girl Futanari Illinir
    Hoot Girl Clothing
  • Please can make skins military and police of different countries,you can choose any characters and uniforms of any countries that you want, you decide, thanks in advance.

  • Non-Futa Versions of the Futa Clinic Skins as well?

    Pretty, petty please?
  • @UnbridledStallion
    I'll see what i can do. 
    For Illinir it's pretty easy to do this, because the texture slots on the model all have the same name, so you can just change the underlying model and it works. At one point I did actually have this, as I intended to have a more 'involved' story based preview (Where I used the non-futa version before she took off the skirt revealing her cock).

    For Charlotte it's a little more complex... For some reason her futa and non-futa models have different names for the body texture. Being an amateur at this stuff, all I know is it means I can't just easily swap the model over and have it work.
    Basically means i have to copy the clothes as if I'm just pasting pngs over each other and then adding the bits that are different in the models. 

    Anyway,  ill give it a shot when I've got some free time. 
  • Well fellas, been a while. Super busy month for me, so while I have finished some stuff, I haven't found the time to crack open Yiff and make a pose to do all the necessaries (previews, skinicons, etc). 
    Anyway, for now I have the regular versions of Futanari Clinic as requested by @UnbridledStallion
    Sadly, one of the things I found out while doing this is that a lot of my skins have layers which multiply the layer below (to make it darker and hence give an appearance of shadow). These obviously don't export in the clothing collections properly, so there's probably a bunch of Clothes that are unusable. Given it hasn't been raised yet, I think I'll fix them as requested.
    Doctor Charlotte and Nurse Illinir

    Doctor Charlotte Collection
    Nurse Illinir Collection

    Note: I have uploaded a v2 of the Futanari Nurse Illinir. I found out that I didn't have the correct penis files in the original skin.
  • @cryptdick
    Sorry it's taken so long, certainly wasn't forgotten. One of the issues with Charlotte and Futa Charlotte is it's a bit harder to translate the skins in Substance Painter. Anyway, while I was in the groove, figured I'd smash out the Bikini Charlotte Skins as well.

    Bikini Charlotte

    Bikini Charlotte Collection
    Bikini Charlotte Clothes
  • edited April 2018
    Thank you! I was also waiting for these! They are looking great!
  • Todays skin is one I've been working on for a little while in conjunction with something else. In particular, the source image I was basing the clothes off of was a non-Caucasian. And it's got me thinking lately, that a lot of the stuff I do (clothes) would be best if you could also change the underlying skin, which we aren't provided with the other skins from Yiffalicious.

    So coming soon, will be some alternative base skins for Charlotte. As for now, please enjoy the skin below.
    Black Market Futa Charlotte

    Black Market Futa Charlotte
    Futa Charlotte Red Eyes
  • It's not the Charlotte base skins as promised, but I smashed out a quick Leopard skin for cat.
    I also did a quick illustration of what you can do if you have a decent photo editing program to copy+paste the clothes collections I make.
    Leopard Skin Cat

    Cat Leopard Collection - Body and Eyes
    Hoot Girl Cat - Leopard Skin
  • Here's a skin I worked on a few weeks ago and got around to bundling it up the other day. Pretty happy with this one turned out, it's based on a futa picture I saw and saved as a costume I'd like to make. 
    First time I've done some tattoos as well. Worked alright this time, but think I'm going to have to work on it in future (The Dragon tattoo is a bit smaller than I would've liked due to how I imprint it onto the skin).
    Can't take credit for the example images, I didn't feel like making my own this time so just used a scene I liked recently.
    Green Bimbo Futanari Charlotte

    Green Bimbo Futa Charlotte
    Green Bimbo Futa Charlotte Clothes Collection
  • Hey all,
    Today got some I've had sitting around for a while. I thought I released these a while back, but must've forgotten. Just rounding out the female roster of the school swimsuits.

    School Swimsuits

    Bunny School Swimsuit
    Charlotte School Swimsuit with Swimming Cap
    Charlotte School Swimsuit
    Illinir School Swimsuit
    Wolf School Swimming Trunks
  • edited May 2018
    Hi ! I'm the author of the scene that showcases the green bimbo Charlotte skin. I'm really glad you liked my interaction ! I really love the skins you make, and seeing that you also like stuff that i made makes me really happy. Please keep the Illinir and Charlotte skins coming ! I will gladly provide poses for showcasing your skins.
  • @westion thanks for the kind words. That scene definitely caught my eye, look forward to more scenes from you in future.

    Today I've got a random Bunny skin. Must've got inspiration from somewhere, but suddenly just felt like Bunny needed a Bunny Suit! And then I thought a white bunny suit would look good as well... and then Zatanna was basically a natural evolution from the black suit anyway.
    Well, anyway... I'm pretty happy with how these turned out!

    Bunny Suit Collection (Black + White)
    Zatanna Collection
    Bunny Suit Clothes Collection
  • edited May 2018
    Nice skin! It sucks that bunny doesn't get many skin slots though :/
  • edited May 2018
    Yeah, but she gets more than some other characters! Hopefully that maintenance patch will eventuate and add more skin slots to all characters.

    For now, I've got something to release that I've been working on for a while.

    Charlotte Base Skins

    Possibly not quite as useful now that @SpadeScout released the skins from the game itself. But something that nagged me a bit, was that people were asking and enjoying the clothing collections, but we didn't really have any variant base skins to add them onto. So when I was doing my Black Market Charlotte skin which I wanted to create a new 'base skin' for to match the colour of the source art, I started working on these at the same time.

    Essentially it's a range of Charlotte skins that you can use as an alternative to the ones in the app and in an image editor, plonk any of my Clothes produced on top of it. I've made sure the base skins work on both Charlotte and Futa Charlotte, and you can see some examples above of what you can do (Note none of the examples have been released, but will consider doing so if there are any in particular people want).

    Anyway, hope to see some interesting creations pop up (Using my clothes or others).

    Charlotte Base Skins
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