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Linux version

I heard of this amazing project a while ago, but only now found the time to actually check it out. Phenomenal work: No doubt this is the most advanced simulator of its kind to date, at least to my knowledge. Can't wait to see what the team has in store next :)

I decided to start with a basic question and / or request for the team, which will hopefully turn out to be a very simple one: Could you please also compile a native version for Linux? As far as I'm aware, the Unity engine should allow this by default.

So far I have no issues running Yiffalicious on my openSUSE Tumbleweed machine via WINE, and even get shockingly great performance with everything set to max! However Wine is known to break at times, especially when it comes to using the right libraries for everything. A native version might be even faster, more stable, and guaranteed to work for us Linux users long term. Thank you.


  • odesodes Administrator
    Yiffalicious (1) will never get a linux release. YL2 however might. It's not a promise, but I'm keeping it open.

    YL2 is a very complex project that uses technology that may require specific implementations in other OS. Atm we're focused solely on getting a build out that works on Windows.
  • Thank you. YL1 is the version I'm running obviously, eager to see YL2 once it's out. If 1 is no longer in development that makes sense. Luckily this isn't a problem as it works perfectly on Wine so far, I can wait for 2 to give this a go.

    Hopefully it helps to know you have at least one Linux user in need of a native version. If anyone else is one, perhaps comment to let the team know and share your advice.
  • Aye, another Linux user here. I'd rather the team focus on current objectives, so let's start a Linux/Wine compatibility sticky instead!
  • edited January 2021
    New here and a bit of a linux user, i have gotten it to run with wine just as if i was on windows,(using Wine Tricks all thats needed extra is the Ariel font and it works just as well as on windows). Just wanting to put this bit of info out for others :3
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    yeah, it would be amazing to get a macOS version too - so long it doesn't put too much burden on the devs obviously. can't get FurryVNE to work on Wine on my Mac no matter what I try and FurryVNE ran in a Windows 11 on ARM VM has glitched out fur rendering point-blank disqualifying that use case.
    my PC is getting old and I'd much less use the power of my MacBook to run FVNE
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