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VirusHunter's Stuff - [New] Flamboyant Foxboi

edited August 2020 in Characters
In light of everyone else making megathreads for all their characters I'm just gonna make this one last character thread and if I DO make another another character I'll post em here too. And yes I am virushunter on the well as elsewhere...lets sweep that under the rug

Older chars
Bootleg Spirit Fox (Updated version available on the cloud)
Bootleg Tiger Mom (Currently borked in the newer version and needs fixing)

Latest character is a big dragon mom because I wasn't really seeing any characters that fit that specific vibe of uh...beeg. Not BIG big...but...y'know...beeg.

Oppai Dragon Milf

Y'know, BEEG! Beeg.
Available on the cloud as well as here
The download link is a slightly updated version, which I will put on the cloud as soon as I get a comfirmation on how updating characters work


  • odesodes Administrator
    Wow, I love this character! Super sexy and lovely color choices. It all works so well together!

    Love the cartoony style.

    Well done!
  • I also love your cartoony style, you make it look so good, I almost have to make a second guess as to if I was using YL2 correctly.
  • edited August 2020
    Flamboyant Foxboi

    Honestly I'm not really into guys, but then again someone has to lay down the pipe. So with the new fox head out I decided to give it a go and create something in the vein of the original femboy fox from YL1, based on a quick doodle I did.

    And if you want to know how I got the tail to move, I actually just moved the part in the creator for each pose. Cheating, yes...but hey, it makes a nice picture. Now that we got long necks with bones, can we get some tail bones please? Posable dongs would be nice too.

    Available on the cloud and also here

    - Made some modifications based on Cracket's suggestions and honestly, he looks a lot better. Also updated the pics...and added a few more...
  • Flipping love your colour palette dude! And that drawing! It all just looks so harmonic and clean. I took a look at him, and my favourite bit is that piece of hair on top. Very nice touch.

    And I think having at least 1 guy character in your style is totally worth it for the future.

    If ide make one change, it would be to tone down the base fur smoothness and every part that would be considered fur, down to 0.25 instead of 0.4. That way, the fur areas will feel less shiny/less plastic, and the skin bits (noes and paws etc) will pop out more.
    But thats up to you to consider.

    Anyways if I may ask, where can I find your other art?
  • Hey! I think I can add to your style by just a smidgen.
    I made a cleaner pupil eye texture

    Anyone should be able to use this. If anyone does, make sure to import this texture as a MAP and not a MASK.
  • Wow I never even realized the base fill had smoothness on it. These tips and tricks are very kind of you, Cracket! I'll put them to good use right away.

    As for my art, you can check out my twitter, which has links to my other pages as well.
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