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(Latex?) Crop Top Fox

edited June 2021 in Characters

Took about a day to learn enough about Blender to do everything necessary (never used it), and made this as I went. I would say "Give it a try guys, it's not that hard." but...

Anyways, it's currently super simple, but I thought I'd show my first garment with you guys. There's still a lot I want to do with it, like making stretching fabric (latex, material, whatever it is) between her breasts, I'll probably use sculpting for that. Another thing I want to try making a lip around the top and bottom of the crop top, like how you've got on your shirt, think I'll use sculpting for that as well, or extrude the edges a little and let the subdivision modifier handle it. Also considering finding some textures for it -like cotton or something- since latex is kind of a low effort texture to do, since it's just setting the smoothness and metallic modifiers to like ~0.65.

Might try making some high waist booty shorts too, kinda' like daisy duke's type stuff, gonna need to find some jeans textures for that as well.


  • Update: Made a thong, makes sense with how the shorts are coming next. Gonna try and make the shorts just a bit shorter than the thong, enough so that the thong straps around her hips show just above the rim of the booty shorts for 5.2+ sex appeal.
  • She looks really good, especially the garments! I cannot wait for the release.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Cute fox you got going there, keep on going and it's cool to see more people trying on the garment ability more ^^
  • Thanks guys, shorts coming soon. Got some other ideas, like raising the crop top and making some alternate higher shorts to get the proper "high-waist" look I was talking about.

    If anyone has the patience to try making clothes in blender, then give it a try, It's not easy per-se, but there's a good amount of satisfaction after finally being able to load in clothes after getting "empty vertex" errors 5 times in a row ("Merge" set to "0.003m" fixed it... usually).

    In case someone's wondering, the shirt took about 3 hours to make (loading it in, not liking something, taking it back, refining, repeat), since I was still learning as I went. The thong took maybe 1 1/2 hours (not much to do, a little cameltoe action was the most time consuming part, since the body mesh is flooded with vertices in the crotch area, understandably), and the shorts (will post later) took 2 hours.

  • You ever say "fuck it" and put lipstick on a fox? No? Me neither, I don't know where the second image came from, talk to my lawyer.

    Super alpha level shorts, like I said earlier, I'm gonna' make an alternate higher version alongside an alternate higher crop top to expose more room for the higher shorts.

    I'm eventually going to get up to a certain level of detail that I wont be able to revert back from, and I'm honestly dreading that, because I've change my mind a lot throughout the process, though I'm happy with how the shorts have turned out so far. I'll need to figure out if I can import a single object made up of different meshes, because I still need to make the back pockets, but I want to keep them separate, just in case. If I can't load the shorts and the pockets together (which I'm pretty sure I can't), then I'll still add the pockets, it's just going to be part of the shorts mesh, which will bug the mess out of me.

    I'll probably turn the shorts you're ogling right now into some non-jeans shorts, like those short sweatpants-like booty shorts.

    Like these:

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    Big Pics:

    Different shirt color yeeeee

    After successfully forcing male pattern baldness through rapid hand acceleration, this is what I've got to show for it. I've decided to make the details of the shorts load in separately, so the details of the shorts are a different garment; the pockets, button, and the leg sleeve roll things are all one garment.


    I've gotta' fenangle the UV wrap before exporting to make the masks actually function properly on the shorts' details (so I can color the parts separately) since they're one mesh, but aren't connected to each other because it's actually separately made meshes that I join together right before exporting, I have to do this since you can't load separate meshes into one asset because they would all load in individually (ex: loading the button, pocket, and sleeve rolls in before joining them in Blender would load three separate assets, instead of one asset containing all three). You might recall me saying I was going to try and find out whether I had to do this or not in an earlier comment, as well as stating my now correct presumption.


    Next up is texturing the stitching in (no experience whatsoever with this side of Blender, gonna' look up some tutorials), and also finding some transparent jeans textures. Hopefully texturing in Blender works like a digital art program in a way (very little experience), with layers and such. If Blender does have layers, then I'm thinking I can draw the stitching and all that on one layer, then put the jeans texture on a second layer underneath the first, then export that entire deal as one texture, if it doesn't then I'm screwed...

    More Ideas

    Other than that, I'm thinking some earrings would do her good giggity, some big hoops perhaps, or just smaller rings? Maybe some arm warmers? They're like a sweater but just the sleeves, ones that have a hole near the end for the thumb to go through, but no fingers... maybe. A choker would be pretty shmexy, so that is definitely most certainly absolutely 101.3% happening. She's got digitigrade feet, so I can't do normal heels or normal shoes without coming up with a design myself, which is a solid negatory my G.

    Anyways, I got up at 2 PM (don't ask), started this at 7-8 PM, it's now 6:30 AM where I'm at, if you're wondering where, I spell color without a "u" before the "r"... so I'm gonna' go die for about 9 hours now.


    Gn lmao

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    For God's sake, someone help... I can't... stop... getting... DISTRACTED!



    Did someone say pocket flaps? No? I don't think I did either. Well, re-ir-regardless they're here. I also added the choker I was talking about, also some snake bites (the lip rings). Speaking of lip rings, yes, I gave her lips, I think she's pretty. The piercings are a separate garment, as well as the lips, but every detail on the shorts that aren't the shorts themselves are one single separate garment called "Shorts Misc", coloring the buttons without coloring the pockets underneath was absolute hell, and for some reason, mirror doesn't work with the masks on it (would be nice if you could select which axis you want to mirror across). Fortunately, I managed to properly color the buttons with only 3 masks all without the color bleeding onto the pockets, one capsule for the left button, and two capsules for the right, since it was acting a little finnicky.


    I'm considering editing the canine ears to be a little wider and more triangle-y, since there aren't any actual fox-like ears that come standard in-game. I haven't gotten to textures just yet though, using Blender can be like throwing a titanium ball and somehow nailing yourself in the back of the head with it, so I still need to get around to seeing some tutorials on stuff like that.
  • edited June 2021

    New Vulpine ears boi, nice and triangle-y and fully original. Fur doesn't work the same, or nearly as well as it does on vanilla stuff though, don't want to bother trying to figure out why. T_T

    The earrings are separate, they're just a donut shape that I imported as a part so I can use it for anywhere I want to put a ring/piercing.

    I'm going to post all of her clothes as well as the vixen herself on MEGA eventually so you can import her, then import her clothes. Her clothes wont work on any other body shape, that's just how mafia works my G, change Viola's bone and body values with her garments on and you'll see for yourself. The ears and the ring you'll be able to use on any body, since it's a part, it's not made to conform to a specific body shape. 


    This little lady's cloth triangles count is almost 70,000 (45,000 over the limit) so you're not gonna find her on the cloud, that's for certain. I've got to optimize the crop top and her shorts, since that's most certainly what is hogging all of the resources. Since I know at least 1/256 more about Blender since I made the top, I think I can come up with a few ideas on what to do, lowering the subdivision modifier, and shading the mesh smooth (think VFNE already does this for garments, so my idea is already on its last leg) might do a little good, if that doesn't work then, uh, have fun.

    Other Crap

    I was rolling over some names for her while tearing even more of my hair out and settled on "Vanessa". I personally find making up names a little cringey, but I didn't want to just call her "Fox Girl", maybe "Vixen" would be a more fitting name? Too obvious? IDK.

    Got more things I want to try, but I'm over trying to add textures, at least for now. I don't even want to look at my U key anymore... the fact that I had to press it just now makes me want to 360 no scope my screen.
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    personally find making up names a little cringey


    Btw, those were some nice looking clothing. The backpockets do bring a lot of personality to just the clothing alone, so you have the right mindsett for clothing a character more so than me. But of course, the triangle limitation is a huge bitch. Once you have good fundamentals while keeping within those triangle limits, youl master making cloth in no time.

    I hope that we will have enough clothed characters by the time of interactions in the cloud. Or else itl be a nudist beach.

  • Thanks, I hope there will be more default clothed characters as well, but I know VFNE team has more pressing issues at hand. Nudist beach wouldn't be too bad though ahuehuehue.

    Anyways, I forgot to make a MEGA link to the character file for Vanessa, so here's the link below, enjoy fellas.

    it's a .zip of a folder that contains all of her garments, I've also included her Blender file and the python file addon for Blender to export any clothes in case anyone gets any ideas, and of course, her .yl2c character file.

    There are the parts that I made included in the file as well, those parts being; the Vulpine Ears, a hoop (can be used as an earring like in the preview in my previous post, a ring, whatever you want really), as well as a larger version of it for parts that are scaled down and end up making any child parts really small as well. As I've mentioned before, for anyone that doesn't know, parts can be used for any character since they aren't made to conform to a specific body shape, so go crazy.
  • Hey there!

    Since I don't want lady Vanessa Fox here go to waste I took the liberty to rework your garments just a little bit in order to make her usable for the App. I only revamped the garments inside Blender, I did no testing inside furry VNE, but I believe that this should work just fine. I made a new image-texture for the buttons since I had to replace them in the process but everything else stayed the same.

    Let me give you just one piece of advise for future garments: be careful with the solidify modifier since it blows up your triangles like crazy. Less is more. Of course you'll have to sacrifice some thickness but for now we have to deal with the 25000 triangle limit unfortunately.

    I hope you like it, all garments combined should have roundabout 15800 triangles now.

    One more thing: If you upload her to the App do me a favor and mention me in a quick sentence to spread the word a bit, will ya? :D


  • You definitely did something lol, you cut down the triangle count by half. Though unfortunately, she still caps out at ~35000 so you got close. Regardless, thanks for the interest, and the effort to help.

    The shorts alone after you optimized them still make up ~8000 triangles, so I think sadly for me to resolve an issue like this would warrant a redesign, considering my skill level (non-existent) in regards to Blender.

    You want to know the craziest part though? The THONG makes up 9000 fucking triangles... I think if I can do whatever you did to the shorts and the top to the thong, then I might be able to squeeze in her full ensemble, minus her arm warmers, and alongside some other optimizations.
  • edited July 2021

    Should I hit "Publish"? Nah just kidding, I'll hand her back to you. It's done. It was fun to mess with her ;)

    I forgot a few things on my first rework: I never checked the lips and piercings and I thought that the thong would not be necessary to rework since it looses detail and we can afford a few triangles...I was proven wrong.

    I disabled every smoothing mask on those garments because I changed the topology of them so they won't work anymore. I'm afraid you'll have to redo them but that should be not that troublesome. Just don't activate the old ones since this can cause the App to crash while binding.

    Oh and the sub-parts of the ears like the fluff and rings weren't checked as "part of body". This caused cloth draw calls to be over 8 even though only 8 garments were attached. Fixed that for you.

    As I said, just drop me a line inside Furry VNE.

    I'll work on a tutorial for all you folks to help you out in the future, this just takes a little time.

  • I got the PM, I did actually get her triangle count down to below 25000, but its just inching going over, at 24213 triangles, including her arm warmers.

    I caught the fluff and her earrings also not being marked as part of her body, I also made her snake bite piercings part of her body as well, which brought the draw calls down to 6 out of 8 maximum. Though, it seems you optimized her better than I did, so I'll check yours out that you sent me.

    And for sure I'll give you a mention in her description when I post her.
  • She's posted now, enjoy guys! This took me a lot of effort, so I'd appreciate a like if you liked it!
  • Ah, nice! That's how it's done <3
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