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  • @BrokenAE92 We don't do predictions like that anymore as we don't want to disappoint fans. We'll have a public build out when the character editor is in a good state and when we have a solid foundation for the interaction systems.
  • @Onebiglotus You mean placing certain camera angles in the scene? And having to use hidden characters for that currently? This could easily be added so you don't need to place characters for that.
  • I don't have the time or the will for that unfortunately. I want to spend all my creative time and energy on YL2. If I don't owe it to myself, then I definitely owe it to the patrons. Starting work on an addon for Blender to make money while YL2 rel…
  • @Dragosh This solution could be implemented in Blender (or any other engine). It's just math. It doesn't matter what language or tools you use. However, I don't think using it in Blender would make much sense. The whole point of this method is its …
  • @HentaiMaster69 Yes, for the interaction system we will implement a pov mode.
  • Do you have any special characters in your user name? Or are you installing it into a directory with special characters? Maybe it doesn't like that. Have you tried running it from a folder directly on C:\?
  • The idea is to decouple sex systems from characters, so you can pose characters as you like and then add a sex behavior on top of it. That means you could remove the "connection" while retaining the characters, or delete a character but keep the oth…
  • We haven't gotten to implementing the interaction systems yet. There will most likely be some challenges as regards to difference in size. However, since we're making a tool that lends a lot of artistic freedom to the author, there will always be wa…
  • @DrunkDragon I'm sorry, I don't quite understand your question.
  • @Placebo00 Yes, only the character creator (a very early version of it). The first release is only targeted to enthusiasts and 3D artists.
  • @arrkhal Can't say that measuring lengths and weight is something that we had planned to include, and it certainly won't be included in the first release. Perhaps just some iconic objects to use as reference (like a soda can or basketball or somet…
  • There's a purple node for the thrusting character. Try moving it in the direction you want the character to stand in.
  • what about vaginas? Originally we hadn't intended to offer any customization of vagina in the first build, simply because we don't have the time and vaginas are a bit more intricate than shafts. However, we've started to take a different approach to…
  • Sorry about that. Should be fixed now.
    in (ISSUE) Comment by odes October 27
  • Only anthros atm.
  • We don't have a shark yet but since heads and parts are separate we could add one eventually.
  • @Eiffel66 She's just a scalie with a certain color scheme, body proportions, body type and decorative appendages. Users could try to recreate a character like her in YL2 for sure.
  • @DrunkDragon It seems very unlikely that humans will be added.
  • We post progress reports in our forum around 2 weeks after they've been posted on Patreon. These updates include everything the Patreon updates include - text, images and videos. Initially, YL2 will only be accessible by patrons, but once we feel t…
  • Hi there! Thanks! Yiffalicious (1) is pretty much discontinued at this point. Instead, we're putting all our efforts into its successor - YL2. YL2 features a character editor where you will be able to configure penises in great detail, including …
  • When it comes to exchanging assets such as sound, it seems like it should be doable, but I have no experience of such things unfortunately. As for being impatient regarding YL2 - as far as the character editor is concerned, not that much more patie…
  • Of all the discussions and comments you've written in this forum, exactly zero have been about our project. They've all been about your political opinions. Having those opinions is fine, but using this forum solely for the purpose of spreading polit…
  • @umnut I can appreciate you doing what you think is right, but I really don't feel comfortable with someone using this forum to spread their political, religious or conspiratorial beliefs. I think people visit this forum to discuss topics related t…
  • I made a really simple modification of the main theme with some css rules to make it darker.
  • Yiffalicious (1) will never get a linux release. YL2 however might. It's not a promise, but I'm keeping it open. YL2 is a very complex project that uses technology that may require specific implementations in other OS. Atm we're focused solely on g…
    in Linux version Comment by odes October 15
  • I don't know if that is even possible. Unity only seems to render VR if it detects a VR device.
  • Sure, we just haven't had the time, and upgrading forum is low priority. Might still probably do it though. This forum is hosted on our own VPS so support for PHP 5 will not be cut.
  • @Tolkne Orifices will be dynamic and adjust to shafts inserted into them. We may implement some form of default/automatic gaping, but if not, you will be able to tweak it yourself through sliders.
  • @Tolkne Those are things we'll have to look at once we get to the interaction systems, so it's too early to say at this point. All I can say is that we have ideas, but how those ideas will pan out remains to be seen.