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  • Yeah I don't mind. Just be careful of what executables you download.
  • Alternative base skins are not provided by default. I suppose he must have ripped them from the game assets or from graphics card. We're perfectly fine with users doing that as long as you don't sell them. Can't really help you with the actual proce…
  • Seems to work for me. You can PM me if you'd like to reset your password.
  • You're running out of memory. Less than 1GB VRAM is not enough. You may want to try out this solution to disable the office level.
  • Since the VR camera is free flying and made for sitting, there's no way out of the box to configure it for standing atm.
  • Yiffalicious is using a 3rd party library called "world cursor" for its mouse cursor in VR menus. This lib is using Unity's Input.GetAxisRaw method for sampling mouse movement, and moving around a transform object using that input. If you can find a…
  • @SteelCrow13 In YL2 interaction system you will be able to animate almost anything, including custom head rotation and hand poses. @Placebo00 The character creator will be released before the interaction systems. The posing system I'm referring t…
  • Is there keyboard shortcuts to toggle POV, snapshot, transparency? I don't think there's a keyboard shortcut for POV and transparency, but I think you can switch between snapshots using arrow keys, or use mouse thumb buttons (mouse 4 and 5).
  • @Wacre Ah ok. Unlikely to happen for first release, but we'll probably add it later on.
  • The only thing I can promise is that we will explore it eventually.
  • VR in Yiffalicious wasn't made for standing, it was made for sitting. It's unlikely Yiffalicious will receive an update to add such a feature, but YL2 may be adapted for standing VR at some point.
  • Will we also, at some point, be able to adjust how the vagina looks? Bigger/smaller lips, more/less meaty, camel toe, outie/innie? Vagina customization is a very tough challenge due to our body type system. Since the vagina is an integral part of th…
  • Any chance there will be added an option for no balls? If you mean a sheath w/o balls, it's definitely something we can add with time. It's essentially just a matter of creating a model for it. For the first release however, such a model will not be…
  • *GASP*, is that light i see at the end of the tunnel? Is it really? There's definitely a light at the end of the tunnel, and it's getting brighter each day. Tell me, please...How soon would it be for a release? Come on now, you know how we feel abo…
  • Make sure you're using the latest drivers for you graphics unit: https://www.amd.com/en/support
  • It's going fine, thank you. Things have taken longer than anticipated, partly because we severely misjudged the amount of work required to get the app to where we wanted. But all in all, I'd say we're in a good place.
  • You can't download YL2 yet even as a patron, but it's true that the first builds of YL2 will be for patrons only. This is not something new. Builds of Yiffalicious were also first released to patrons before going public. This is a standard approach …
  • Hi there DrunkDragon, No holiday this summer. We always try to remember posting each update two weeks after they've been posted to patreon. Since the last patreon update was delayed (July 15), update will appear here early next week.
    in Devs on holiday? Comment by odes July 24
  • For Yiffalicious - unlikely. For YL2 - likely.
  • Unfortunately, there's no way to remove cum other than reloading the interaction or creating a new interaction afaik.
  • @njwrstlr you need to calm down and stop necroing threads with posts that are irrelevant to topic.
  • All of what you said are things we have already discussed internally and are intending to implement, with some modifications. When playing sounds, you will indeed play a sound from a "collection" (as you call it). Essentially, when working with soun…
  • The latest update for Yiffalicious is free, you can get it from the downloads page.
    in So Dark Comment by odes July 11
  • Just chiming in to say UVs in YL2 are unique on each side.
  • Unfortunately no.
  • Yeah, there's a bunch of  Could not open file [...]/yiffalicious_0.7.2_64bit/yiffalicious_Data/sharedassets9.assets.resS for read and connecting error messages. Textures and probes are not loaded. Did you by any chance happen to have tried to remov…
    in So Dark Comment by odes July 4
  • That's definitely not right. Might be lightmaps not having loaded properly or something. Can you share your output_log.txt after loading the level and causing the issue?
    in So Dark Comment by odes June 30
  • @Eiffel66 Thanks! @DrunkDragon Not currently, but it's definitely something we'll get in there eventually. Perhaps we've added it once soft bodies go public (I don't think soft bodies will make it for the character creator phase).
  • @hornystallion81 As long as you give proper credit and don't make money off it, we're fine with it.