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  • Sure, we just haven't had the time, and upgrading forum is low priority. Might still probably do it though. This forum is hosted on our own VPS so support for PHP 5 will not be cut.
  • @Tolkne Orifices will be dynamic and adjust to shafts inserted into them. We may implement some form of default/automatic gaping, but if not, you will be able to tweak it yourself through sliders.
  • @Tolkne Those are things we'll have to look at once we get to the interaction systems, so it's too early to say at this point. All I can say is that we have ideas, but how those ideas will pan out remains to be seen.
  • It's the default theme on Version 2.3.1.
  • Unfortunately, the old theme caused some issues with the new nested category system. If anyone has some time to change colors through a userstyles/stylish submission, I'd be happy to incorporate it by default.
  • @Horsie We actually started developing YL2 with localization in mind, but half way through I sort of got lazy with it and haven't really been as diligent as I could have regarding this topic. Still, much of the actual technical work to make localiz…
  • @AleCat @SixAndAHalf Thanks! @Brownmane  I hope we'll have the option to toggle it for specific bits of the character, though, if said bits happen to be made of materials where the effect would make little sense, or it just looks better without i…
  • @kroch Thanks! Yes, fingers are rigged and will be posable once we get to the interaction systems.
  • Can you share your output_log.txt?
  • I would suggest updating drivers, but you already did that. For whatever reason, Unity seems unable to allocate textures and vertex buffers. Usually this is due to memory running out, but there's plenty of memory on your graphics card, so I don't k…
  • Are you running in VR? You might want to try yiffalicious_novr.exe (right next to yiffalicious.exe). Also, make sure you have the latest drivers.
    in Screen off Comment by odes September 18
    in Screen off Comment by odes September 18
  • @DrunkDragon It's not currently implemented, but we should be able to make the arms affect the breasts eventually. Note that the soft body system wont arrive until interaction systems are implemented. So the character editor will not ship with it.
  • @someone Sure, I understand. Catering only to the most popular vote wouldn't be a good thing, but a voting system can be a good way to better understand what exactly it is our fans want to see. Sometimes we may implement the most popular thing, and…
  • @SixAndAHalf  The interaction systems in YL2 will be much more refined and more featured in general, with lots of new and advanced technology. I think it's going to take a while to get it all right. I know that's not what you want to hear, …
  • @immeasurability We did it completely from scratch.
  • @Onebiglotus The idea is to move over to a pretty standard timeline system where you're able to keyframe objects' properties. Transforms of objects will be properties just like any other. There are some question marks how all this is supposed to w…
  • Yeah I don't mind. Just be careful of what executables you download.
  • Alternative base skins are not provided by default. I suppose he must have ripped them from the game assets or from graphics card. We're perfectly fine with users doing that as long as you don't sell them. Can't really help you with the actual proce…
  • Seems to work for me. You can PM me if you'd like to reset your password.
  • You're running out of memory. Less than 1GB VRAM is not enough. You may want to try out this solution to disable the office level.
  • Since the VR camera is free flying and made for sitting, there's no way out of the box to configure it for standing atm.
  • Yiffalicious is using a 3rd party library called "world cursor" for its mouse cursor in VR menus. This lib is using Unity's Input.GetAxisRaw method for sampling mouse movement, and moving around a transform object using that input. If you can find a…
  • @SteelCrow13 In YL2 interaction system you will be able to animate almost anything, including custom head rotation and hand poses. @Placebo00 The character creator will be released before the interaction systems. The posing system I'm referring t…
  • Is there keyboard shortcuts to toggle POV, snapshot, transparency? I don't think there's a keyboard shortcut for POV and transparency, but I think you can switch between snapshots using arrow keys, or use mouse thumb buttons (mouse 4 and 5).
  • @Wacre Ah ok. Unlikely to happen for first release, but we'll probably add it later on.
  • The only thing I can promise is that we will explore it eventually.
  • VR in Yiffalicious wasn't made for standing, it was made for sitting. It's unlikely Yiffalicious will receive an update to add such a feature, but YL2 may be adapted for standing VR at some point.
  • Will we also, at some point, be able to adjust how the vagina looks? Bigger/smaller lips, more/less meaty, camel toe, outie/innie? Vagina customization is a very tough challenge due to our body type system. Since the vagina is an integral part of th…
  • Any chance there will be added an option for no balls? If you mean a sheath w/o balls, it's definitely something we can add with time. It's essentially just a matter of creating a model for it. For the first release however, such a model will not be…