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  • Then something is wrong, everything you have on the page is properly labeled skin must be in the right file and it must be _MainTex (capital letters always) and it must be a PNG file otherwise it won't work it won't show up in the game. So what are …
  • ????>
  • Link update:
  • Update Link Skin menager fix: Body: Eheem.:* Eyes:…
  • Update Link Robot-ish Skin for Cat (BETA only hands made) Edit:Skin Menager fix :
  • Update link [All characters] SpadeScout's Holiday skins  :
  • UPDATE LINK: White Painted Ilinir: Eye: FUTA:…
  • UPDATE LINK: Linna Body: Eye: Horns:…
  • UPDATE LINK: Warning Cat  BY FK: Cat: Hair: Eye:…
  • UPDATE: Widow Ilinir: DVA Cat:
  • Nicole Watterson skin for cat>
  • Updates the link Mediafire: [Charlotte] Mary (Devil Goat):Hair&Tail:…
  • Everything you need to know about manually installing skin is here>
  • If someone was looking for a skin, it updates the link. [Charlotte] Mary (Devil Goat):Hair&Tail:…
  • I recommend taking a look here. Maybe you will like something.
  • No problem, I have all the yiffalicious skins and some of them are pretty cool.
  • There are several outfits, I don't know which one exactly do you have the name of this scene by the author of the photo? And here are some charlotte skins
  • Ok Thanks for the skin.
  • Do yo only have futa?
  • I don't know if you still have these skins, but can you ask for a zebra for a cow without lingerie? Thank you in advance.
  • There are two options to change the skin for a character, either with the help of the Skin Manager or manually directly in the folder with the character. Only here and here is the problem that everything must match the appropriate folder, otherwise …
  • Still waiting for something new on the forum so here.I am and best regards.
  • I know it's late but I guess I found the one you meant a standard pure skin for khana without any additives. The skin is called Custom Skin from Khan.
  • Cool. I don't know what this skin is made of but it looks detailed and polished so good enough.
  • Here you have a naked or clothed version of the skin „Vikna Ramenskoye” (same as on the screen)> Edit: The hair is from this skin>http://forum.yiffalic…