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edited May 2020 in Characters
Made a new horse gal to learn some of the workflows.
She's got custom diffuse- and specularmaps, some custom normalmaps and some textured 3d objects.

I'll make her available for download once the cloud is online.


  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    She turned out amazing and I'm so happy you're willing to share later on :D
  • Thank you and sure thing! :)
  • Wow, she looks brilliant! The hair and the feathers are awesome. May I ask, are those leather bands seperate models or are they textures (and for example only the ring on the shoulder is a model)?
  • WOW! Awesome! How... did you make the Tail? I hate adding fluff on the tail, youve done it so gosh darn well!
  • edited May 2020
    Thank you! Yes the leatherbands are textures. I sculpted them in Mudbox right onto the mesh and generated a normalmap that was then combined with a mask in the creator as to not interfere with the original normalmaps of the model. The rings and feathers are custom models I modeled onto the mesh in 3ds Max after exporting the basemodel. That way I could make sure everything fits together nicely when assembled in the character creator. :)

    I plan to put together a few tutorials of the general workflows for this in the future where I'll go into more detail for those interested.

    Thanks, Fluffplanes can get hard to control when they get too long so I used the the fluffy dog tail turned upside down for the general form and added shorter planes to that. The tailbase is a seperate part.

  • Ooh, she's pretty and a nice nod to a somewhat forgotten classic. Damn fine work. One minor nitpick, though; the transition from fur to flesh at her crotch seems a little abrupt to me, consider smoothing it out a bit more.
    I sculpted them in Mudbox right onto the mesh and generated a normalmap that was then combined with a mask in the creator as to not interfere with the original normalmaps of the model.

    Hmm, planned on doing something similar with Ameliée's latex suit, but I had very little clue of the specifics of how to go about doing so, was already spending far too much time on her and it looked serviceable enough as it was, so I didn't pursue that idea further. Might take another stab at it, though, since I've learned a bit more about the process in the mean time and could use some practical experience, soon as my current obligations are done and dusted and I get to be free to pursue my own interests for a change. Looking forward to reading your guides on it once you get around to making them.

  • Finally a cute horse girl. Love everything about her, especially hair and tail.
  • Thanks! This was mostly an experiment but I imagine it could be very useful down the line especially for scales or tight clothing.

    Thank you!
  • Hey guys, she's live now. Hope you like her!

  • I just wanted to say how amazingly pretty she is. I only just found out about Yiffalicious via a post on the Second Life forums. I gotta say that I so wish this were an avatar for sale on the marketplace. She reminds me of my OC Lavender Raindrops and It makes me sad knowing it's on Yiffalicious instead. I mean I'm glad people get to enjoy such great work and think you're awesome for helping others enjoy the game more. I just wish I could afford to commission you because she really is beautiful. 
  • Thanks man, glad you like her! I unfortunately don't have a lot of time to do commissions.

    Modeling of the base mesh was done by Dogson, he does commissions every once in a while but I think he might be too busy with Yiffalicious 2 at the moment.
  • edited October 2020
    AHA!!  So you CAN make your custom normal maps here!!  I'm slowly figuring this thing out.  That lil nugget of info is gonna help BIG TIME!!!!
  • edited January 2021
    @thirteeenth Will you still be updating her, when new updates arrive?
  • Hey, thanks for the interest! Yeah I'll definitely do more stuff with her at some point. :)
  • Oh, that's GREAT news!  After all, imo, she is the BEST horse-girl there!
  • Thanks, glad you like her! :)
  • Hi i like this character when do you upload this amazing model ? Hell yeah she looks great.:smile:
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