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Skins by som2040 - Poison vs Chun-Li



  • Just a quick skin I've had sitting around for a while today, as well as a preview of something I'm working on.

    Board Shorts Finn
    Hey baby, check out these moves! KASPLOOSH, Awe yeah, nice a cool now. How about we retire to the shade and get this party started?

    Board Shorts Finn

    I've had that skin done for a while now just never really got around to uploading it. It was done around the same time as Beach Bunny, and fits with the beach themed skins. Hope to do some more in the future.

    Next up, a little sneak peak at something I'm working on at the moment. Putting a lot of effort into making this skin work, so hopefully it pays off.

  • Hey, skin request for the dragoness (female), give her a white T-shirt that is lifted just above her tits, and give her some rainbow knee socks? :P
  • Sometimes you just run into that perfect storm, where things just line up with a skin you've been working on.
    I've run into that a few times over the last couple of days. Especially a few good scenes popping up in the Office, which goes super well with the Business skins I'm working on at the moment. So thought I'd share a few more previews:

    First up is a masturbation scene by orca2. A few of these scenes by orca2 have been popping up recently, but here's a snap of Charlotte having a quicky in the toilet. This one in particular is called Toilet.

    Next up is a new scene by @Renara called ASSistant-Workhorse (Can't see the full name).It was just this perfect little scene of a businessman Horse fucking futa charlotte in her school uniform. It went really well with this little scenario I've been developing in my head, so quickly throwing Charlotte's mum in and suddenly the picture becomes a lot clearer!

    Hope you enjoy the previews. 
  • Hey guys,
    Finally finished with my business suit skins. As it so often turns out, I get a really good idea for Charlotte, smash through that, and then the 2nd skin to go along with it just ends up looking better as you think of new things to do. 100% happened here, as I love Horse's skins but don't really like the look of the full business suit Charlotte (That being said, I'm still a fan once I remove the jacket).

    Business Suit Horse and Charlotte
    I'll let the comic speak for the story behind this... please follow the link below (It's not embedded because it's like 3mb...). Hope you enjoy!
    Link to the Comic

    Business Suit Horse Collection
    Business Suit Charlotte Collection
  • Also found time today to complete the request from @menny . So here's Yoga Illinir.

    Yoga Illinir
    Boohoo. Mr Policeman, this big brutish Rhino suddenly came up from behind while I was stretching. He ripped my favourite pair of Yoga Leggings before fucking me. I mean... I didn't mind the fucking, but they were my favourite pair!
    And thus, Bob was banned from the New Yiff City Gym.

    And the variations:

    Illinir Yoga Collection

    Hope you guys enjoy.
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    yes! it looks so fucking good! thanks for taking the time out of your day! also Great Comic!
  • Just going through a few of my unreleased skins yet and tidying them up atm. Here's one for Khana.

    Summer Casual Khana
    Even in the castle towns outside the cities, there are still sluts to be found. Rumour has it a lewd Khana wearing scanty clothes will appear at the west gate at 6pm every third sunday of the month looking for healthy males for a bukkakke party. You'll just have to head there to find out if the rumour is really true.

    Casual Summer Khana Collection
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    Super hot!

    Hey som2040, would it be too much trouble for you to make version of the skins for Bob with cock smegma? :P
  • Today I've done one of the skins requested in the DC characters thread. Was definitely highs and lows with this one, originally I wanted to go super textured Arkham game style, but backed out in the end with something more tame.
    Maybe I'll get there one day.

    Check out this comment in the DC thread for a little story I'm working on at the moment relating to these skins. Reworked my Business Suit Horse skin into a suitable grotesque Two-Face skin with a bit of photoshop magic.

    Batgirl Illinir
    Batgirl Illinir with Batflap Open
    Illinir Blue Eyes
  • ;-; you are too good
  • edited December 2017
    And today we've got a new skin for the Batman series. I thought a good looking Poison Ivy skin wouldn't go amiss and would be pretty interesting to make. Originally I was going full Arkham Ivy with the veins/vines over her body, but they weren't working out so I dialled it back a notch and instead added different texturing to the skin.
    Hope you guys enjoy!

    Poison Ivy
    Well well well, look who's in the girls locker room in Arkham. You've been a bad bad boy Arkillo, is that a bit of fear in your eyes? Not to worry... one whiff of this scent... and you'll be my fuck slave for oh I don't know, at least 24 hours... It is so hard to get a good man in the female wing, and a girls got needs ya know? Now shall we get started.

    Poison Ivy Collection
    Elaine Red Hair
    Elaine Green Eyes

    In the collection there are three skins. Arkham skin with the jacket. A more classic looking Ivy with a leafy corset. And finally the full bloom Ivy, baring her tits for all to see.
  • Hey som2040, is there a link to that superhero skin for Fraenir? I can't find it anywhere.
  • edited December 2017
    Hi @Embracethechaos
    The arkillo skin is just a quick prototype skin i scratched up for a green lantern themed set of skins. Figured green lantern costumes would fit fairly well since they're pretty skin tight.

    As such it's a bit on the rough side and unfinished at the moment.
    It just so happened when i was making the Ivy preview that was the one i had loaded so thought it wound make an interesting setup.

    If it's something you're interested in though, can definitely push finishing that one higher up my list of stuff you work on.
  • I do like the business suits and the lingerie set. Is that lingerie drawn as a separate layer? Because if it is a layer that could be added it could be used with ANY Charlotte skin. Would it be possible to have it as a transparent texture?

    In fact, I think making lingerie sets for characters would be a good idea.
  • @SoanoS
    Yep it's a separate layer.
    Haven't really considered releasing transparent versions. Makes sense though.

    Also wonder what would happen in game, would the base skin show through or would the transparent section just be rendered in a default color.

    Anyway, when i get some time will consider making a clothes collection for those interested.
  • Ha Ha Ha Haaaaa....
    It's gonna be fun, huh Mr J?
    The Joker and Harley Quinn
    The Joker and Harley Quinn make their entrance! 

    The Joker Collection
    Wolf - Green Eyes
    Harley Quinn Collection

    Super happy with how these skins turned out. But might have to work on some of the good guys next.
  • All these DC skins are amazing dude! Props for pulling off Joker too
  • And now for some of the good guys!

    Nightwing and Catwoman
    Hmmm... now where would they keep the valuables around here?
    Stop right there Catwoman! I won't let you rob this place!
    Oh, Nightwing. *Sigh* Was hoping for the big man, but I suppose I can have some fun with you...
    Hey! Hold up hold up! What do you think you're doing!?

    Catwoman Collection
    Cat Black Hair
    Finn Black Hair
  • you work fast and clean, Happy holidays and I'm still ultra impressed by your work
  • Ho Ho Ho, Happy Holidays everyone!
    Originally I was gonna do a fully blown Santa story, but I screwed up one of the panels with the incorrect hair choice and it kinda fizzled out on me because I forgot to save that specific scene which sucks!
    The original idea behind these was that @SpadeScout did some pretty cool Christmas skins, but Santa always has a beard! So while Bob fits the bill in the body shape department, I thought Fraenir actually fit a little better because you could give him a bit of a beard.
    There are a few variants in there for Fraenir(Santa, Tank Top, Topless) and Illinir(Mrs Claus, Lingerie). Enjoy the skins and enjoy the Holidays!

    Som2040 Christmas Collection
    Fraenir Blue Eyes
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    Love the skins! Two things though. Are you planning to do some for the rest of the characters? and You missed a great chance to give someone a candy cane cock :smiley:  Keep up the good work!!
  • @duskreaper
    Thanks for the kind words. No plans to do any further skins for Christmas (the season is almost over!). The scope of these was a very 'Santas Workshop'. Cat being an Elf, Khana being a 'Sexy' Elf, and then Mr and Mrs Claus.
    Perhaps in the unlikely event that Yiff 1 is still kicking around next year I'll add more to the collection (or more likely, do some new ones for Yiff 2).
  • Merry Christmas! awesome skins and I hope you have a great day
  • Hey guys! Happy New Year!
    Been a bit quiet on the skins front, but I've been slowing working away at some. Today I've got a cool one I hope you enjoy.

    Mey Mey Illinir
    Funny little story behind this one. It's the second time I've created it. I found this picture the first time and it inspired me to create it since I think I'd just done the hairy charlotte lingerie skin around the same time. The first time I got part way through, and didn't really like where it was going. It didn't feel right to have the human skin tone on Illinir, so I didn't even bother saving the file I was working on. But I had left it in my skins directory, and after seeing it in game a bit I kinda grew on me. After accidentally deleting it, I decided to rebuild it again since I was doing some similar clothing on some other characters.
    Anyway, did some research while trying to refind the pic and found out it's a semi-popular futanari hentai character called Mey Mey (Or at least, must be somewhat popular for fan art to exist). So had a decent amount of source material to work off of in the end (Some of which I've included as the poses I tried to create in game are based off of various artworks).

    Mey Mey Illinir Collection (Includes both Hair and Eyes Below)
    Illinir Redder Hair
    Illinir Red Eyes
    Mey Mey Clothes Collection

    This is also the first time I've made the clothing available as separate png's with transparency. If you know your way around a photo editing application, you'll be able to apply these to any Futanari Illinir skin you want (They're also separated by clothing item, so you could just add the collar if you wanted).
  • Btw @SoanoS
    I've just uploaded the transparent png of Charlotte Lingerie to the post with her skin in it. Let me know if it's helpful. Thinking I might do it on clothing items in the future.
  • So today I've got more new skins for you. One of the reasons I went back to the Mey Mey skin is that the outfit was a bikini that'll fit in with the rest of the set. So I've got summer themed skins for you all today.
    Fun in the Sun
    These are additional beach themed skins. I've got new skins for Horse, Khana, Elaine, Maya and 3 different colours for Futa Charlotte (Green, Pink and Yellow). In addition all the women skins have a 'tanlines' version just like the Beach Bunny skin I released last year. That way once they're ready for some fun, they can get out of their wet bikini's and entertain the boys.

    Fun in the Sun Collection
    This collection includes:
    Black Bikini Elaine
    Bikini Tanlines Elaine
    Marble Blue Bikini Khana
    Bikini Tanlines Khana
    Blue Bikini Maya
    Bikini Tanlines Maya
    Beach Bum Horse
    Shirtless Beach Bum Horse
    Horse Blonde Hair
    Horse Blonde Tail Hair
    Green Bikini Futanari Charlotte
    Pink Bikini Futanari Charlotte
    Yellow Bikini Futanari Charlotte
    Bikini Tanlines Futanari Charlotte
  • even though it isn't summer yet: 
  • this is all fantastic work, thank you!
  • @som2040, thanks for the lingerie. I'll give it a try. :)

    I am sure these will look great on any variant of her skin. :)
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