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How do you (unofficially) add a second character to your file?

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I'm no expert, but I know you can't load 2 characters into one .YL2C file in this game, but I saw that the talented @Chyanna, was able to do insert multiple / two or more characters into one character file, as seen with her Vanilla the Rabbit & Nnecgrau's GamerMom Photoshoot SEEN IN THIS THREAD. Is that just a really big .obj file, or is there more to it than I'm aware of?

Is someone generous enough to explain how they do it / how to do it? or link me to someone who already explained it? I'm not good at navigating forums for pinned threads and etc.

I ask this because I recall developer Odes saying that there's one more character builder update before the team begins building sexual interaction mechanics for FurryVNE, and if FurryVNE is as ambitious as I think it is, Star Citizen or Hytale might release before that build ever comes out, no offense, because I'm sure the FVNE team is applying all the knowledge and time they have to this to-be sex engine to prove me very wrong.

But I can't wait that long- well, I can but I really don't want to. Therefore, I would LOVE a temporary way to create fake sexual interactions until Half-Life 3 releases. So I would appreciate it a ton if someone can give me hints on how Chyanna created those bukkakes and orgies in FurryVNE. THank you!

(sorry if I don't reply my thank-yous immediately, I don't visit this forum commonly anymore since YL2 has an in-game cloud for skins, but know that I am extremely grateful for any informative replies.)


  • So I do it like this, if I want to have a second character:
    - give a character a certain pose
    - Then export them - Import into Blender
    - Export it as ONE object file (maybe change a little)
    - back in FurryVNE, import this file
    - and adapt the current character to the character of the pose

    Unfortunately, I have not yet found out how and whether you can also apply suitable textures here.

    So I want to have the whole character and not just the body, but only in the basic color

  • Is that just a really big .obj file, or is there more to it than I'm aware of?
    It is just a big .obj file. In Chyanna's case, models and textures ripped from Yiffalicious 1 were used, but since we've gotten more robust export options recently (parts, garments and poses), it should theoretically be possible to export a FurryVNE character's mesh and textures and then re-import it back into the game and therefore have multiple posed characters in a scene. It's going to pose some difficulties at the moment, though, since I have a hunch the UV unwrap tiling the exported characters use for texturing might prove a bit tricky to put back in, and cleaning up the seams on the exported mesh could very well break the texturing entirely. Hmmm, could prove to be be prohibitively complicated, on second thought. Might be better to wait for the next release on this one, since that will feature an export option that cleans up the seams automatically, and the custom mesh offset option that feature is paired with will also make things like penetration easier to fake, too. Hey @odes, will that new mesh export play nicely with exported textures? That'd make multiple characters in a scene considerably easier to do.

    Of course, an alternative is to grab some free character models (with rigging and textures all ready to go, preferably) off the internet and import those instead, if you want posable characters quick and easy. Issue there is that customizing them is considerably more complicated and requires you to know your way around Blender or some other 3D editor, so you'll have to work with what you can get if you lack that.

    Oh, and if one does manage to put in a second character (or more), it will almost certainly go over the current triangle limit, so no uploading to cloud, unfortunately. It'll have to be put on an external site and linked here if it's to be shared.
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited July 9
    I reckon it's just the model they've exported and then imported again as a part. This would require some trickery with texture though since textures are exported on a per part basis.

    Generally it's something I frown upon, because it's not what the part feature was designed for. At the same time, I won't do anything to prevent people from exploiting this feature in that way.

    The new mesh export is for sculpting only, not for texture authoring. But you could theoretically use it for that if add UVs to it and then project colors from exported mesh to sculpt mesh.
  • Thank you so much everyone, happy posing.
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