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Plz be patient, I'm only 9 yrs. old!


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  • Yeah, it's just a major glitch.  I tried everything to fix this.  It seems that at a certain flatness, this happens.
  • Geeze Louise!  Cutting out parts and editing them in Blender on that model was more of a nightmare than anticipated!  For those about to do so, if you cut a model in half, duplicate it, and mirror it, make SURE in the material properties tab that yo…
  • @Craket That would make the most sense.  Once a model is in completion phase.  Then, bones can be parented properly.  If not, then your model might spaz out!  If you accidentally tweak a model during your animation, it might mess stuff up.  Also, bo…
  • I know I should've posted some progress, but I LITERALLY got back after both my desktop AND laptop crashed for a few weeks due to hardware failure.  But, I'm back (thankfully nothing lost) and soon I should have some sweet and massive updates!  Also…
  • LOL, JK!  I found a way to make a custom normal map without doing that sewing up vertices crap!  I painted b/w texture of fur moved it around her face for starters, exported the textures into photoshop.   Had to download and instal an nvidia texture…
  • So, I DID find a way to do a custom fur normal map that conforms to the WHOLE body contours, and possibly go in the appropriate directions.  HOWEVER, in order to do that.  I need to take the obj. in blender, and sew up the ENTIRE SEEMS ON THIS BODY!…
  • Okay, I've NEVER messed with fur/hair before, so I need to know something.  I've seen in some models, where long hair can begin to curve up and end on curving down, like an "S" shape.  Or how the beginning part is straight, and has a radical curve a…
  • Okay, I'll trust you on this.  I'm still learning texture-mapping, so IDK.
  • I have seen the new shark dong; and compared it to a real one.  Trust me, the fantasy is better, we don't want the real one (or twos to be precise).  (Also, duck ones scare me!)  And if we can have fantasy dong's we can have fantasy vaginas.  And to…
  • Well, I remember in the suggestions post, you guys were talking about the BIGGEST issue with doing shape keys for the face was the tweakables.  I was messing with the horse girl I'm working on at the time, and I was trying to find it.  I was like, "…
  • Ye, it's SSS.  I was going to use it on my model.  But, I do have another question,  I know with SSS, in Blender, they have their own specific material group, and their own texture map.  So why is PBR and SSS separate here?
  • Couldn't the custom vagoos be an addon down the line?  If anthro characters are human (and I know they are), why is the pee-pee not?
  • Yeah, I literally just found it as you commented.  I was about to delete this.  Thank you! Lol!  Ye, it's SSS.
  • I just fixed her Textures, matching the neck was a chore, so was cleaning up the textures to make them crisp and bright!  No more pixelation.  As you can see, the neck is completely fixed!  I shall post more update pictures as time goes on.  https:/…
  • AHA!!  So you CAN make your custom normal maps here!!  I'm slowly figuring this thing out.  That lil nugget of info is gonna help BIG TIME!!!!
    in Horsegirl Comment by iDog October 31
  • I don't know how to add image urls;  I am a noob; sad times!