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Crakets Characters and Progress - [Afro Chick! and 2 more!] - 57 Characters



  • odesodes Administrator
    Yah, I think I'll just remake the screenshot function so it renders the scene "normally". Still, annoying that AO essentially breaks if you're targeting higher resolutions. It makes no sense that AO should look completely different in 720p vs 1440p.
  • Hi @Craket, I have a quick question- are you using the in-app tool to take all these screenshots? when I use it and export the pictures, they always come out 512x512, no matter what resolution I open the app in.

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    For the most recent characters, yeah. Mostly due to laziness. Best way to take screenshots is

    | PrintScreen button, then, open up Paint and paste in with Ctrl+V, Save it to desktop, open the image with windows default photo viewer, and crop the image to where the screenshot ought to be seen. Upload to imgur (without uploading to community). And then you can share the screenshot here. |

    This is how I did it.
  • Gotcha. Thanks!
  • I just want to create a long overdue update.

    Sorry for being absent and not fulfilling the prophecy of 60 characters equalling the advent of interactions. Joking, but sorry for not being around and adding to the activity as much. Ive had a lot of changes happening and needed to put my mind off of sexy furry smut stuff.

    Before I finally come back to reveal my new character, I just want to give my thoughts and attention to other creators.

    I want to give some big attention to @kittysasha for their amazing character

    Search: author:kittysasha


    If there is any character I would want to be the poster child for FurryVNE so far, its this one. She feels original and unique and not too wildly different, so shes easy to take seriously. Her hair is way cute and her general grey tiger pattern. Im still sceptical about how clothing works 'currently', but Kitty has managed pretty well for poses at least.

    Kitty has in general managed to make some very sexy ladies, even took on a very nice looking Krystal. (Tag her as Krystal! Once FurVNE has traffic, you want yours to be quintessential and easy to find!).


    @worsel (WorselTheV ?) Has a pretty good bunch of characters as well, I like his characters due to them having a whole lot of 'character' to them.

    Search: author:WorselTheV


    His Tis is also very interesting, I can see how people would not like him since he is such a drastic departure of the usual body proportion. But he looks so gosh damn cool and full of potential. Again, Worsel pulls in a good deal of character into his characters and is inspiring me to also pull a crazy unique one.


    Search: author:JohnVermer

    @JohnVermer Is someone who puts in a lot of cool custom parts for their character. Some can be fantastical, roleplay-like and others are quite appropriate.

    Captain Cuttail

    My favourite from him has to be Louis (Male Skunk), not too crazy with custom parts, Just appropriate. This may come off as a criticism, but I am not sure many of these custom parts will be put to play in interactions or be worth it in the long run due to the character file sizes. However, these are the kinds of people who will probably put best use of the new clothing tech if it turns out well.

    But his practice in putting these custom parts are actually well appreciated, seeing people stretch the limits of the app is great and we need more people configuring with the app in this way to give a new angle of creators so that the Devs respond with features that help you guys out!


    One random mention towards @Salax for his one and only character (currently of writting).

    Search: author:Salax


    It is very weird seeing someone with 1 character uploaded being this good. Ofcourse, like a lot of my characters, this one is not extraordinary or anything. But a very good simple character that is straightforward.

    Just a few tweaks like, combing the butt fur and shes just... pretty much complete.


    Quick mention towards @Blacky and their

    Search: Author:Blacky

    Nicolette "Nikki" Renard

    Something weirdly cool with Nikki and her snout and head shape turned out. I love seeing unique characters and Nikki fits in with the "Not unusual, but you would spot her out in the crowd" crowd. The hair, hears and arm/legg fluff create this nice shape for her that is very much appreciated.


    If there is anything to gleem from my mentions, I find Shape (and character) to be important within a character. These may be 3D models with somewhat realistic shading, but their concepts (Anthropomorphic animal people) and aesthetic will generally stay cartoony. And even despite that, shape tends to be important even in fashion and art to become memorable and given attention by an audience.

    Just look at author:VirusHunter 's characters. His dragon Oppai Dragon Milf even surpassed my Athena (Oh shit!). And that is a really good sign.

    If you look at all the top characters, just the first page youl see a lot of characters with good shapes to them. But lets exclude my character Kiah in this manner, I do not know how people found a liking to her so much, shes pretty generic in my eyes.

    Top characters within 30 days tend to also have these features. Im certain, with more traffic, top characters and HOT section will look different. I wish there was a more emblematic front page that lists characters, interactions and guides all in one as "Featured for the week/month".

    Maybe like milestone characters, like "These 3 characters have been used in interactions the most the past 30 days". Or "These CANINE (tagged) characters had the most activity this week". Just a discoverable front page, maybe its too snowbally? Although for something like this to exist, it needs more traffic of course.


    Anyways, im off to get my character ready. I hope you all had a good Xmas this year, and hope you continue to have a good new years eve!
  • odesodes Administrator
    Ah there you are craket, was wonedering if something happened to you! Though I did see you make a comment in the cloud so I knew you were alive at least, haha.

    Some honorable mentions in there, thanks for making others aware of them.

    The idea is indeed to have some sort of "start" page that sums up the most relevant information for users. But, as you mentioned, it's kinda hard atm given the amount of traffic we're getting (or rather lack thereof). Hopefully that will change as we add more features and more discover the app.

    I really like the suggestions you made regarding what kind of content could be displayed on the start page. It's exactly those kinds of categories that I think people would enjoy and find intersting, so thanks for sharing that idea!

    Looking forward to seeing your new characters, and also what you'll create once clothing makes it into the app.

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!
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    [Deka the Orca Dog added]
    I wanted to do an orca for a while when the shark parts got added. But I just couldnt bring myself to force it out, but im back for now.

    I really like her body proportions, it is kind of similar to the Red Panda. Its just so cute and lumpy. I would make a more appropriate orca but I couldnt NOT take the liberty to mix things up literally by posing her as a hybrid species. This then in turn made her even more cute.

    At first, was a bit sceptical about a Black&white creature, but those spotty bits made her funky and comfortable despite a fishy skin.

    This is essentially my process in drawing and making a character from scratch. I have an idea (may or may not be entirely original). Draw the idea, change the things you do not like but in a way that makes you like it while not changing fundamentals like colour. If I were to give her an alternate colour, it would be a deep purple instead of black, and the yellow a very subtle pastel yellowy white. But that would be too much as a debut, I rather that just be an alternate colour.

    Oh well, continuing on!

    I will probably try to make crakets jacket
    Mostly Simple, one piece and does not override the crotch area.

    Although, im still new to 3d modeling and would need to make even more simple stuff first, so who knows what il make.
  • edited December 2020
    [Hartifol Added]
    I did this drunk drawing session where I spent like 10 or more minutes just doodling as quick as possible. Focusing on Furry stuff, one of them turned out to be what I then chose to make in FurVNE.

    You can guess which of these he may be

    Im also intrigued at trying out some kind of a character with an Afro. I have tried several times and it always seemed intimidating so I stopped. I will give it a good whirl one time.

    Anyways, Hart is really cool, made a new eye texture to contour his iris. He is also very bright in colour, I might want to tone it back up just a tiny bit, since his colours are actually nicer, I think I muted them a bit too much. Regardless, he turned out super cool. Just that, the HSL layers are still acting up, requiring a minor ritual before he can be witnessed as intended.

    And for such a tall character, I gave him an adequately sized peen. Something nice about not glorifying the genital so much. Gives more focus to his body. I think it is still large since its proportionate to his already large size when comparing it to others.


    Oh! I think I might make him a proper character in my little universe as well. So heres a little tidbit about him. You may have noticed both The Craketeer and Hartifol have "Intersex" as a tag. This definition is a lot more literal and extreme for these two. The Craketeer is primarily female but can turn into a male. Same, but opposite for Hartifol. Primarily male, but can switch to female. Its mostly only the genital. I might have to re do his penis and choose something that eludes to this more closely, the problem is none of the penises really fit what I want for him. I might just have to go a bit nuts with the shaft editing later.
  • edited December 2020
    [Nova Bright Added]
    As I was making a character with an Afro, I had to take inspiration from the 70s as well as the blaxploitation era of films. Gave her a fitting name that resembles it and her hair, although those movies did have a bit racist sounding names for their characters.

    Well, times have changed and so I am a tiny bit afraid of the reception of this character. I personally love her and the inspirations I took from to make her.

    However, I do not want to upload her just yet. I am now comfortable with using Levels, HSL and other filter layers, but they break when loading the character. Fixing them requires fiddling with the masks and undoing. Takes 5 seconds to fix but I rather people load the character and see her in her full glory instead of having to do a minor task for her to appear fully developed. It takes about one or two extra steps to make her "functional" from Hartifol, who takes less to make him look fully functional.

    Oh, and how could I forget! Happy new Super Nova explosive year!
  • odesodes Administrator
    How are filter layers breaking? Can you send me the character file? (I thought this was fixed.)
  • edited December 2020
    The issue has already been reported

    There were no new updates to FurryVNE for us since then. If you can load Hartifol or Yua, you should see the Levels Layers or other filter layers not loading in on opening the character. But you already fixed it, just we havent gotten the update yet ;)

    But for now, take care tho! Have a good new years eve!
  • odesodes Administrator
    Oh right, there hasn't been a release since then, lol.

    You too. Happy new year!
  • [Tysj and Åtsor added]
    So! These two are in my collection of "Ygdil" race of aliens that ive made up. They borrow a lot of stuff from the first 3. I wanted to add more that explores just a few more flavours. These are effectively derivatives of my own characters since they are pretty similar, but I hope they vary enough and satisfy the number.

    Will upload Nova Bright + these 2 once the new update is out. Dont want people looking at the characters without the fix on filter layers. Should be a nice little surprise for people seeing 3 new cool characters in one go. Maybe more characters if I am quick enough.

    Anyway, as I am nearing the dreaded 60 characters, that also means I have to go and update each and every one once I know how each behaves. Its going to be painful, but still worth it as they are still seemingly viable.

    Again, viability is something I often think about with when making characters. I try to make sure I dont easily break the character when posing them around. Particularly fluff as hair that flow backwards and are too big tend to stab through the chest when the character looks up. Which is why as of currently, I stay away from Model Hairs.
    I try to see how far up I can make a character look before the hair stabs the chest, depending on how ridiculously far back/up they are looking and when the hair stabs is where I make judgement when its okay or not.

    I am afraid if there are certain other locations that I have missed. Fluffing the balls, or the vagina might be super jank looking in interactions. Will expressions break the fluff on the face? Will the ears phase in and out too much, and will the tail lift higher than I thought? Stuff like that scares me a bit hehe.
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