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Character Broken?



  • edited August 5
    But not with the shape keys I have already created, right?
    I've worked on a lot of face expressions, but if it's as easy as that in the video then I would be saved ?!

  • odesodes Administrator
    It depends on what kind of changes you did to the base mesh.

    The command transfers the shape keys from the selected mesh to the active one.
  • odesodes Administrator
    There should be .blend files that with numbers, like .blend1 .blend2 etc that are backups of your blender file.
  • Yes, working with 3D is a tough experience, I'll try it out right away.
  • edited August 6
    Hmm, unfortunately I can't try it, the "FVNE Transfer ..." option is not selectable

    If I could send you my file, I would be happy to help, but I would like to do it myself, and you will surely have enough to do.

    Got it, but it's probably easier to build the whole thing again, I think the mistake was that I unknowingly discarded the original shape key, now the size is no longer correct, thanks to you anyway!   :)

  • odesodes Administrator
    You have to select both objects. Otherwise you can't run the command. 
  • edited August 6
    Yes, I got it done, but I'll have to fight my way again, next time I'll know better, unfortunately the palate and teeth can't be spared as I would like because the command is based on the "Basis" and already the original shape key "just change the size of the model, which moves the palate and teeth where they shouldn't be.

  • Still, I'm proud of myself for the first time ?!

  • odesodes Administrator
    Amazing job @Vandred, she looks just like "the real thing". :)

    Can't wait to see what you'll come up with next!
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